Summer camp 2022

booking opens for 2022 season registration February 24th at 7:00pm.


Thank you so much for your interest in Vortex Studio summer camp. This year we are excited to offer 7 weeks of camp June 27th – August 19th. This year we are running 2 groups of Art camp and 2 groups of Fun camp per week. Please see more info below about how we run camp and logistics. You can also see the 2022 schedule by clicking here.

2022 Vortex Studio Camp

Location: Vortex Studio – 903 River Side Drive – In backyard, in wedding tents

Time– 9:00am-3:00pm 

Before and after care: available for a fee – Start time 7:30am – 5:30pm (see info below)

Cost- Full day camp – $350 per child- Plus online booking service fee $10. All supplies included 

– Note we do not issue R24 forms as we are not a full time daycare

Discount: Unfortunately N/A for 2022

Number of Groups on grounds: 1-5 per week.

Camp age – We welcome campers age 5-14 at Vortex however, each week and group have different age requirements please see the schedule for more information

Language: We run camp instructions in English. We can definitely offer a French junior counsellor as a translator if required and advance notice is given.

Contact info– Stella Pagani or Manager – Britney Amarica

416 629 6504

We will be doing solely online booking this year. That means we will not be taking any bookings through email or phone, it will only be done through the online portal. Please call us prior to booking with any questions.

We can not hold any camp spots without payment.

Click here to book 2022 summer camp!

Click here to view full 2022 Schedule and write ups

Kinds of camps we will be offering 2022

Epic Art Camp – This is our best known art camp we have been running for 5 years. Campers spend 90% of their time getting creative and messy! We make new and exciting art and craft projects all day. Trying everything from drawing and painting, to clay, 3D crafts, nature crafts, collage, spray paint, beading, sewing, messy day, and SOO much more! This camp is for your art loving kid. They get to try so many projects and work at their own pace and difficulty. We spend our full day making, usually only stopping to eat, lounge in hammocks under the tree, and clean up. Please note this camp does not include much play or non-art games or include lots of physical activity. We have tried but all these students want to do is make art! This is important to note when booking so that you find a good fit for your child. It is also an amazing time for your child to meet like-minded new creative friends! All art projects can be geared towards different skill levels and abilities.  **Please note these campers tend to come home with lots of art! Please make sure you have an empty car on Friday for pick up. When looking at our schedule the Epic Art-based camp will be the groups with the leaders – ‘Zebra’ or ‘Leopard’ – Below all Art Camp titles will have the blue highlighted title of their leader.

Themed art camp – Every year we offer themed weeks. Different kinds of art based camps with projects that lend themselves to a particular theme or subject or they are geared towards a particular age group. These weeks often produce less take home artwork as there are more group projects or installations showcased at vortex studio. Similar to “All of the Art Camp” we still spend 90% of our time making artwork and still try all different kinds of mediums its just they are directed towards a certain kind of idea or goal. When looking at the schedule below these camps will be highlighted in blue, and will be run by the leader Zebra or Leopard.

Fun time camp! – THIS IS NOT ART CAMP – Fun camp is for all the amazing kiddos that are looking for the whimsical Vortex experience but without the art element. If you have siblings where one loves art and the other loves play this is a great way to keep them at the same camp! Fun time camp is a unique silly camp that embodies creative outside play, lots of games, nature exploring, getting messy, wild, and weird! Campers will enjoy our freestyle play area with all the games you can imagine, tell stories, and our counselors will run all kinds of playful activities. For 2022 we will have light self-directed craft projects available however it will be a very small part of the week (about 10% unless an indicated theme week). In 2022 we will have more emphasis on physicality and spontaneity, while still embodying the visual Vortex landscape. Our fun camp tents will be in the very back zone of Vortex in the ‘woods’,  set up with couches instead of assigned tables with game zones and a craft table. We have lots of sport options in our big field as well as hammock chill zones for rest time. When looking at our schedule the Fun Time Camp will be highlighted in green, with the leader Unicorn or Koala.

Themed fun camp – Similar to the above description of fun camp we will also be running themed fun camp. Children will get all the joys of fun camp but also be offered a special theme that will bring like minds together. During these weeks we might put more emphasis of the theme and activities pertaining to it vs freestyle play and other games. But we definitely make sure that everyone has time to do activities they are excited for. When looking at our schedule the Fun Time Camp will highlighted in green with the leaders Unicorn or Koala

Specialty Camp by leaders in their field. Note* These are independent contractors renting Vortex tents and not Vortex staff, however we love them and stand behind their programming 100% ! However you will need to contact them directly to discuss any questions pertaining to their camps. Please see more info in camp description in the schedule. – Yoga Glow, Girls Empowerment week with Lori Morrison age 9+ $360 July 18th-22nd. Graffiti camp with Jimmy Baptiste age 10+ When viewing their camp in the schedule it will be in Flamingo tent and will be highlighted in orange.

Understanding the names of the groups and why we do them.

We have 5 wedding tents at Vortex Studio that we run camp in each week. Each group has a different counsellor and theme as to what they are doing. We have decided to name each tent so that parents know what group their child is in. When booking you know what to tell friends to ensure your children will be together as the tents to not mix as activities are drastically different. This also aids when dropping off and picking up the children you can easily see your leader in the parking lot as they are dressed up so you can pick them out in the crowd.

When its time to book on the square site you will see the tent’s name first beside the date. EG – June 27-30 Zebra-Murals and public art, to make sure you are booking the right camp.

Leopard, Zebra – Art camp

Koala & unicorn – Fun camp

Flamingo – Specialty camp by industry leader

Click here to view full 2022 Schedule and write ups

VORTEX CAMP 2022 IMPORTANT INFORMATIOn, Please read before booking

When booking camp we will require that you fill out:

  1. A child emergency contact form. We need this as soon as you book camp to hold your spot at camp

We will need these at least 2 weeks before camp starts

– A before and after care form if needed 

– Child pick up form if relevant for friends and family to safely pick up your child

– If relevant – Medical release form for any medication that needs to be issued on site

Single Camp group sizes will depend on age groups. 

  • We will be respecting the government’s guidelines but groups could potentially be as large as: 

Age 5 & 6 = 10 children

Age 7+ 12 children

Age 9+ 15 children 

Camp will be fully outside and open air in wedding tents. Washrooms are inside Vortex studio building

Covid 19 And summer camp.

  • TBD – we do not know what the government restrictions will be at the time of summer camp 2022. We will follow them and always keep everyone’s safety first. We will send registered families more information when we are closer to camp starting.  Be mindful that we might be: 
  • Sharing some art supplies and game materials. Such as spray paint or games.
  •  We will be sanitizing and hand washing consistently throughout the day.
  •  Art campers will have designated art bins per person
  • Art campers might have table spots social distanced like last year however this is also to maximize their work zone as art projects are large.
  • Masks would be required when using indoor washrooms

● We will always be following Quebec Government Covid-19 guidelines and we will adapt and change as they change.


Can Siblings be in two different camp groups? Yes definitely. We request that you fill out two emergency contact forms. One for each child. 

All booking will be online this year

As of February 24th at 7:00pm we will be taking online bookings for 2022 camp. At this time you can click on the book now tab at the top of this page and it will bring you to our online store where you can choose and pay for your camp.

  • Refunds or exchanges will also be online. Stella is unable to change a date of camp in office you will have to do it by emailing us and requesting a refund and then rebooking the new selection online.
  • Before and After Camp Child Care.
  • Before and after Camp Child Care will be available but MUST be booked ahead of time or there are additional fees. Please make sure to fill out a before and after care form as soon as you know you will need care. We will send you an invoice at the end of the week.
  • – There will absolutely be no staff present to watch a child unless booked ahead of time unless it is an emergency. 
  • You must submit a before and after care form if requiring care. Please indicate your camp group and date as well as the Childs name and name on credit card when booking camp so we can pair it with your online file.
  • Before and After care is $15/hour for one Child, OR $10 per hour PER SIBLING. It must be booked TWO WEEKS before their care date. You must pay for the full hour regardless if you pick up halfway through. If you have requested care two weeks before you will be billed for the hours requested as well as any additional care used. Please let us know ASAP if anything changes on your form as we will need to notify staff.
  • Before Care is available starting at 7:30am
  • After Care is available until 5:30 pm
  • -> If booking Emergency Care (same week) of camp it’s $20/hour per child (we cannot guarantee this will be available because staffing is extremely limited and is not guaranteed). 
  • If childcare is needed same day without notice it is $25 an hour. We will consider this emergency care. If we do not hear from you we will call emergency contacts if we cannot get ahold of the guardian.

Age groups.

  • Our age groups are very structured for camp due to project difficulty or theme. It’s non negotiable, we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 
  • Vortex Studios camp requires campers to be at least the minimum age required on the schedule the first day of camp. 
  • All art campers MUST be able to use a glue gun alone, tie a knot, and be able and willing to work on art projects for at least 90 minutes.  
  • The minimum age for a camper at vortex studio is 5 years old for insurance.


*We must have your ‘Registration/Emergency contact form’ to hold a spot

  • within 48 hours of booking. It can be done digitally when you book camp.
  •  This form must be filled out with all your child’s information so we can review it and file it before camp starts. 
  • 2 weeks before camp if required we require:
  • “A child pick up form for friend/family” if anyone other then the guardians are to pick up child.
  • “Before / after care form” if needed
  • “Medical release form” for any medication that a child needs to take when they are on Vortex Studio premises. THIS INCLUDEDS AN EPI PEN


Refund policy UNRELATED to Covid government shut downs

-We are happy to transfer a camp spot to another child if you are no longer able to attend, as long as that child meets the age requirements of the group and we receive notice that the change has been made, and we receive their emergency contact form 7 days before the camp start date. Please note in this case the person holding this camp spot must make all the arrangements, Vortex studio will not take responsibility for finding a replacement. 

-We offer full refunds up to 5 weeks before summer camp start date.

-We will be offering 80% refunds minus the booking fee up to 4 weeks before summer camp. 

-3 weeks before camp we can offer a 50% refund.

– Any time after 14 days before camp unfortunately we can not offer a refund of any kind.

-In the case of someone in your household getting covid 19 or needing to be tested for Covid 19 and missing camp we offer the “camp art kit for each day missed”. We will require an emailed documentation of the positive result or documentation of the test taken. No refund or credits will be offered.

We are sorry we are not able to offer a refund or credit towards another year. We understand this policy is not ideal, however because of our unique program there are extremely high expenses and supply costs, staff prep work, and covid expenses that go into running camp and if we don’t implement this policy we would not run camp at all this year. We hope that you understand. 

Government issued COVID closure refund policy (relevant February- September 1st 2022)

  •  -In the case that the government does not allow any camp at all due to regional shut downs we will refund 85% of payment until May 15th. 
  • -After May 15th we are in full planning and ordering mode and will only be able to offer 65% refund, even if there are any government issued closures or capacity restrictions. 
  • -After June 5th we can only refund 50% upon a government closure. 
  • -Please note in the case of a government shut down we are unable to supply the camp art kit that is only for: positive covid cases, a child awaiting results, or a covid case in the child’s group causing shut down.
  • We are sorry we are not able to offer a refund or credit towards another year. We understand this policy is not ideal, however because of our unique program there are extremely high expenses and supply costs, staff prep work, and covid expenses that go into running camp and if we don’t implement this policy we would not run camp at all this year. We hope that you understand. 

We are really looking forward to spending another creative, happy, healthy, safe summer with all of you!