All of the Art camp


All of the art camp

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Before and after care available based on request for $15 Per Hour (discounts not applicable)


Location: Vortex Art Studio- 903 River Side Drive Wakefield QC

$75 per single day tax included

To RSVP please email

When we say all of the art we mean ALL OF THE ART! Kiddos make all kinds of art this week! Stella is a true believer that children should learn every kind of art making that is out there so that they can make an educated decision as to what they like and what their creativity gravitates towards. We also don’t believe that just because a child is young they  “can’t do a certain kind of art project” We encourage children and tweens of all ages to try everything from paper making to sewing. You are never to young to try and to learn. That being said we are always there to help if help is needed and we ALWAYS enforce safe tool practise with sharp objects.

At “All of the art camp” we try and touch on all different art practises. Each time we run this camp we also try our vary best to make new projects or put a different spin on past favourites so that returning student still feel as stimulated at the first visit! It is hard to say ahead of time what projects that we will do each day because we do customize them to our groups and there overall interest so we don’t publish a daily schedule these weeks but we can give you an overall outline. Also please see photos bellow. We can however say start making some room on your walls because you will end up with A LOT of art this week. Students usually make between 3-5 finished art projects a day ranging from small pieces – really large out door pieces!

In-between art projects we spend time outside on the hummocks and swings, playing in the sprinkler, playing  games and paint water ballon baseball and dressing up in weird fun costumes.

This is an amazing camp for the open minded creative kid that loves to make! Art forms that we do include but are not limited to are: