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As we are currently offering porch pick up and in store shopping for our art kits, cards, gift cards, paintings, sweatshirts and t-shirts and more!

Our studio store is open Saturday and Sunday 12-4pm until Christmas.

All kits come with everything you need (except a glue gun & glue- available for sale for $7 ) to make one art project. Our availability of kits is limited. As we sell out we will be adding new kits with new supplies. To best keep up to date follow us on social media – FB & Instagram @vortexstudio or give us a call or email 416 629 6504

  All kits must be pre paid for via e-transfer- before pick up or to hold a kit. You can also come to the studio and shop the kits we have available and pay by square. Please message us or call first to make sure the kit is available.

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Note we have lots of additional stock in studio that has not yet been put on line come by the studio store to see!

Art Kits
If you are looking for a creative and fun DIY project that special someone. Made by someone who has first hand knowledge of what to get and what kids want. Vortex Studio runs summer camp all summer and workshops throughout the year. All kits are based on our most popular projects.
All our kits are filled with everything you need to make each project, including the instructions and a picture. We also put them in gift ready packages so you really don’t need to do anything except wrap them and even that we can do for you!

PLEASE NOTE* we will only have a limited amount of each kit as they are all hand put together so we recommend pre ordering as they sold out extremely fast last time we did them.

Art kits!

More photos coming soon, We know we have lots of options feel free to reach out with any questions to help choose the best kit. Has your child come to camp? Stella most likely knows the best kit for them! Note not all photos are not exact replicas of the kits, but are there to give you an idea of the project.

Project specific kits with instructions-

(more freestyle larger kits below)

Cement patio stone, pot, votive & tea candles- $35

Makes 1 patio stone with gems & shells, 3 pots, 3 votives, 3 tea lights and 1 long tea light125070867_772768253580880_1290931423079385882_n

Sand art making- $32

Makes mini sand jar necklaces & decorative sand wine bottle

Mask pouch and necklace (adult/teen with glass beads or colourful beads) $18

2 Pouches & glass beading supplies or  2 pouches & star beads124574467_1308849812786141_4703023447085834033_n

Painted mask, mask pouch, beads – to make a mask holder (for kids)  *Vortex favourites $28

1 mask. 2 pouches, wood beads & supplies & paint & brush to decorateunnamed-5

Wine bottle wind chimes with glass beads- $28

Wine bottle, glass beads and supplies, rainbow maker8cf105fa4e2c58662964f5c1637d1a55

2 Paper mashea craft people  *Vortex favourites $32- not currently available

All you will need to paper mashea including a table cover and gloves, bottles, paint & craft decorations such as pompoms & ribbon

*NEW- Painted canvas back pack with acrylic and paint markers! $35

Let your creativity shine with a cool hand painted backpack! All supplies you will need are included.

Burlap basket with tassels and sewing details- $28 kids or adults – 1 LEFT

Mid size burlap basket, feathers, wool for tassels, paint and sewing suppliesunnamed-4

*NEW The little diva backpack and hair salon $35 age 5+

This is the ultimate kit for the little diva in your life. Inspired by my (stella) childhood and the need to bedazzle EVERYTHING including my back pack, hair brush and everything I put in my hair!

This kit comes with- LOTS. Bows, clips, headbands, skruchy’s, hairbrush, mirror and more all in the cutest clear backpack that you can also bedazzle. It also comes with gems, pompoms, glitter glue sticks, stickers, feathers, pearls and more to decorate all of your hair accessories.

Unicorn or “zoo animal” mobiles $28

Pretty and fun easy kids mobile with handing plastic unicorns, feathers pompoms and a whimsical feel!

Natural Wood mobiles $25 Adults or kids – 1

Get that natural feeling with a wood mobile/wind chime. String wooden beads, wood rounds, shells, pinecones & bell to hang inside or outside.unnamed-6

Wool Bohemian wall hangings $28  *Vortex favourites- Great for kids or adults 

Mega boho wall hangings $36 (much larger)

This natural and modern wall hanging is trendy and easy! Use wool, beads, ribbon, and mini flowers to dress up your walls!90141392_583871755537795_7379378015010029568_n copy

Painted Peg dolls with Castle $35 *Vortex favourites- 

This is one of our all time most popular art camp projects! Great for kids age 4.5-8 decorate  wooden dolls with craft supplies and crayons and hot glue, then colour and decorate a wooden castle for them to play around. This project tends to give hours of fun!unnamed-7

Hanging peg doll Fairies in a fairy garden $32

Great little whimsical project, peg doll fairies hang from the tree along with mini flower houses & a fairy door that gets nailed to the tree. Includes Dolls, beads, door, mini bird house and crayons & glue. All you need to do is find a magical tree!


Flat wood dolls & in wooden cary case $32

Decorate wooden peg dolls with craft supplies, crayons and hot glue craft supplies. Then colour and decorate a wooden carry case for them to play around. This project tends to give hours of fun!

Watercolour Lampshade with pompoms $28 – great for adults or kids- 1 left

enchant your room with the glowing light of a hand painted watercolour lampshade. These fabric lampshades are great for painting on with watercolour paint and watercolour pencil crayons, you can also jazz them up with pompoms if you want to add an extra kick.

Watercolour Painted paper star hanging light and cord – $35 Great project for adults or children – SOLD OUT

Warm up your room with the bohemian glow of a hanging star light that you can paint to match the ora of your room! using watercolour paint and pompoms you can transform your hanging light and the cord into whatever creative vision you can imagine! Kit comes with, Light, cord, paint, pompoms, hock

Wool stuffy $28 * a vortex favourite 

Another Camp favourite! Kids love them and collect them. Nothing is better then a hand made stuffy with all custom decorations! Make an Octopus/dog/cat/bear or dolly or really anything you can Imagine. All stuffys are made with wool yarn, the limbs are braided you then decorate them however you like with craft supplies included. This craft is great for kids 5-11 however most kids under 7 will need some help.

Barn board wood sign with stencils- $28  Great for adults or kids- 1 left

Comes with a rustic mid size barn board, paint, letter stencils & 3 sayings, paint brush, chalk and hanging twine

img_6726 2

Barn board string art $28 great for adults or kids over 8- SOLD OUT

Great for detail oriented crafters! Kit comes with a mid size rustic board, nails, , weaving string and 6 different patterns


Painted family wood sign $28 great for kids or adults- 1 left

This great wood cut out Family or welcome sign gets glued to a 12×12 wood panel. Kit includes everything you need to make it as well as paint to decorate it.127065779_416287516062204_6536544936789118482_n

Flower/feather image transfer with silver leaf $30 – Great for adults and kids over 8- 

This fun mixed media artwork welcomes you to the world of image transfer on wood panel and kicks it up by using silver leaf! All supplies included.

90348121_810807129327050_7939591786500980736_n 2

*Custom- Image transfer on 6 ornaments with your photos  -$28 -> SOLD OUT

must email photos to vortex upon order 6 images maximum all must be in same email.

We print your images so you can make custom image transfer ornaments or costers, on the back you can wright a quoit or note with gold pen. All supplies you need will be included. b6e23a01ca07f3cc47038a65f9b6755d

Massive painted portfolio bag – not currently available 

This kit comes with paint, brushes and a 20×40 canvas portfolio bag great for holding artwork or sleepover items or a kid…. really anything big!

Wooden triangle banner-  $28 Great for kids or adults -SOLD OUT

 Wood beads, paint, string, ribbon, pompoms, 7 wooden triangles. A beautiful wall decoration for anytime of year !


painted paper collage $28 great for adults or kids- 

This is one of Stellas favourite projects! You Paint your paper with acrylic paint, let it dry and use your hand painted paper,

and extra painted paper to make a vary large collage in the shape of something you have drawn! Make it as hard or as easy as you like!

Freestyle art kits will all the items you need!


Large Drawing & painting kit with Plastic carry case-  $75 great for adult or child

This is a great tidy giftable item for the art lover in your life! Full of all the drawing and painting supplies you will need in a tidy carry box!

Pens, coloured pencils, watercolour paint, acrylic paint, wood pallet, paint pad, sketch book, apron, brushes, canvas and much more! This is a great all around art kit.

Drawing & Watercolour painting kit $42 – 

Watercolour paint, brushes, watercolour sketchbook, watercolour pencils, watercolour paper, fine liner, pencil, sharper, sketchbook, eraser, apron, mixing sheet127053539_950165075391171_8739988355968736625_n

Acrylic painting kit – $35

primary colours acrylic paint, brushes, 3 multi size canvas, wood pallet, apron, mixing sheet

Jumbo Painting kit – $75 4 LEFT

This kit is great for the artist that wants to paint large! This kit comes with 3 different sized canvases ranging from 21×35″ to 5×7″. it also has acrylic paint, brushes and more. A great way to to start off the mixed media artist creativity!

Mega watercolour and acrylic painting kit – $55 – Not currently available

Do you have someone who loves to paint? This is the complete painting kit! Filled with-  watercolour paint, acrylic paint, glitter paint, wood pallet, water colour paint pad, apron, brushes canvases, watercolour pencils and a water jar. The creative possibilities are endless.

Mega arts & crafts kit in plastic craft bin – $75 great for kids, teens and adults

NEW * we just added 2 toddler versions of this kit message us for more info age 2.5-6

Do your kiddos LOVE arts and crafts? Do you LOVE having something for them to do for more then 10 hours? This is your kit! Stella has filled this kit with hours of fun based on summer camp favourites. This kit includes supplies for endless activates, will will also add a sheet with pintrest links to recommended art and craft projects using these supplies.  Also art is messy so we have all your supplies in a tidy plastic bin to help make clean up easy! We know art can be messy..

This kit includes a lot we wont be listing it all.. But you can look forward to: Acrylic, watercolour and glitter paint, paint brushes, glue,  canvases, watercolour paper, table cover, apron, large plastic storage bin, clay, beads, string, pompoms, craft projects, wood pencil holder, dowls, stickers, magnits, wood rounds, feathers and much more! NOTE: each kit is slightly different



TODDLER arts and craft kit 2.5-4 $75

Lets get creative with this freestyle arts and craft kit! We will be giving you a list of ideas but please note there are no instructions in this kit. Crayons, paint, glitter paint, brushes, glue, apron,  pompoms, rain stick, wood crafts, colouring sheets and book, paper, canvas, popsicle sticks, pinecones, feathers and much more! Projects to fill about 3-5 hours. Projects must be done with adult supervision

Jr kids crafting kit age 4-7 $55

Do you have a little one that loves crafts! We have a kit with all out camp favs! Smelly crayons, watercolour paint, apron, brushes, glitter and glitter glue, wood dolly’s, wood animals, construction paper, wand supplies, craft mask, beads, colouring sheets, stickers, felt stuffy sewing and more! This will fill 3-5 hours

Mega craft kit in plastic craft bin $75

Do your kiddos LOVE  crafts? Do you LOVE having something for them to do for more then 10 hours? This is your kit! Stella has filled this kit with hours of fun based on summer camp favourites. This kit includes supplies for endless activates, will will also add a sheet with pintrest links and ideas of things to do with your kit using these supplies.  Also art is messy so we have all your supplies in a tidy plastic bin to help make clean up easy! We know art can be messy..

This kit includes a lot we wont be listing it all.. But you can look forward to: Smelly pencil crayons, glue, table cover, apron, large plastic storage bin, plaster scene, lots of beads, string,  pompoms, glitter, fabric pouches, wooden trays, wood dolls, colouring sheets, paper, dowls, popsicle sticks, wool, embroidery twine, stuffy making set, wood crafts, stickers, magnits, wood rounds, feathers and much much more!

Please note there is no paint in this kit. It is in the “mega art and craft kit”

Sewing Kits

Felt Stuffy sewing kit-$28- great for adults or kids over 6+ 

This is a fun  way to get into sewing! This kit comes with 3 pre packaged easy mini felt stuffy sewing dolly’s, they will get you used to sewing. We have also added felt sheets, stuffing, needles, thread, goggly eyes and paper for you to try making your vary own stuffy! 126612634_390126778774693_7659738041166753320_nNote they are VARY popular with kids and a definite camp favourite kids 6+ can do this project alone.

Hand made and painted stuffy $35- great for adults or kids over 7

Do you like to sew? This is the project for you! Make and paint your own animal or dolly, Kit includes- white cotton fabric to make 3 stuffys, primary colour paint, paint brush mixing chart, needles, thread, embroidery twine, goggly eyes, glue gun sticks, pins, scissors, 2 patterns, paper paper, instructions, stuffing.

Stuffy hammock and 2 mini stuffy $35- great for adults or kids over 7-

2 left will not be making more

Get those stuffys off the floor and the bed! Put them in this hand painted stuffy hammock! And make some new friends as your at it! Kit includes- fabric, paint, needle and thread, glue, table cover, apron, 2 mini stuffy kits, hang hocks and instructions. – If you paint both sides of this hammock project will take 3-5 hours


Holiday Items

Ornament decorating $45- 

A wide assortment of round and wood ornaments, paint, ribbon and more. This kit makes about 16 ornaments.


Sand/glitter art ornaments $42 SOLD OUT

4 large clear ornaments and 12 mini glass ornaments, Sand, glitter, ribbon, funnel, glass pen. everything you need to make really unique memorable holiday crafts!07d5260a053d54ead7063113f5711e46 3

Painted, beaded & bell garland $28

Watercolour paint, wood beads, string, ribbon, bells. A beautiful holiday decoration!

Fall Welcome wreath $28 great for adults and kids

This is not your average holiday wreath, this one is made of burlap twine ring, a paintable welcome sign, dried flowers, festive fake berries and pine comes as well as ribbon! this is great for all seasons!

*Note the fall one has a new look.


Holiday nutcrackers or snow people out of flower pots *Vortex favourites

This wonderful holiday project is SO Fun! Its made out of flower pots. You get to construct it, paint it and then decorate it any way you like!

Small – $40 SOLD OUT  –  Large $45


-Mega Bohemian wool mobiles
-Wood peg doll camping kit
-Painted Canvas hanging swing chair 
-Peg dolls in wood castle with unicorn
-Peg dolls by the beach with lighthouse and mermaid 
-fall welcome wreath
-scrapbooking kit 
-scrapbooking agenda kit
-bedazzled fairy costume kit 
And many more!  

Available Gift cards- Digital or porch pick up.

Appeal Hoodies and T shirts- Adults and kids limited sizes.

Thank you all so much for your support in this unique time!

Love always Vortex!