About Stella

 Stella is a Graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario receiving a BFA double major in Photography and Drawing & Painting in 2010. Stella also received a certificate from George Brown College in the field of Graphic Design in 2007. Since then she has participated in multiple Group and Solo shows throughout her career.

Stella’s mixed-media work often focuses on travel and personal/found objects. Their relation to memories invokes evolution of character and soul between the past and present. Often awakening feelings of nostalgia, her paintings incorporate a blurred overtone, text, photo, collage, and paint. A keen love for the objects and places that she has personally experienced and documented, helps to play out a dream-like sequence of memories, allowing the viewer to get lost in her work.

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Stella has spent the last 3 years teaching adults and children how to create unique works of art. Before that she was a private art dealer with one of the world’s largest privately owned art gallery. Throughout her career she has learned one very important thing about collecting and creating artwork: That it’s not about anyone else! Art is personal. Whether making or collecting, the artwork is meant to challenge and make you feel deeply. It doesn’t matter if it makes you happy, sad, frustrated, or confused, as long as you are feeling, it’s a successful artistic endeavor.

“In regards to teaching, I am merely a facilitator, offering guidance and tools. Everyone will learn at their own pace and bring their own journey and stories into their creations. I am there to help guide you in the best way to depict those ideas. Your hands are your tools and they take time to strengthen.” Stella Pagani

Why Incorporate Live Music Into some of your classes?

“Why not! I am so lucky to have Mat sit in some of our classes and sing to our groups. We have been working together for almost 4 years and people love it. It helps calm and relieve any stress about doing something different and new. They get to sing along to favorite songs and it brings a beautiful energy to the group!”

Meet Mathew Falvai

Singer and guitar player at select Vortex Studio workshops

Mathew has toured the world with music and is happy to now call Wakefield home He loves almost every style and era of music and prides himself on connecting with any crowd and accentuating the atmosphere.


To view more work -> http://www.thepaintedphotograph.com