Painting commissions

Stella Pagani Photo Based Mixed Media Paintings

“…Lost memories, treasured photos, special days, links to the past…” Dream up your own commission using your precious photos of family, friends, pets, events, or even your own treasured objects! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Paintings make fantastic gifts and treasured mementos that are truly unique and intimate to whom and what you care about most. I can use your beloved photographs, or I can photograph a place or item near and dear to your heart to create an original work of art.


*Choosing the right photograph to use for a painting.

When choosing a photo to use for your painting we recommend: One with a clear image quality, an active/filled background (instead of a single colour e.g portraits are not ideal) and one that evokes a memory or a place. If you are using multiple photos in the same painting we recommend trying to have the photos be of the same place if possible, such as a ski hill, or keep them in the same colour family. However this is not a hard rule at all so definitely call us if you have any questions.

Live edge painting with 4 photos 5 feet long x 10 inches wide

Ordering a painting

Each art work will use one photo image provided to Stella by the commissioner digitally or an original hard copy. The sizes and prices are shown below. All paintings will be mixed media paintings with your photographs on wood and sealed with gloss or matte archival varnish (chosen by you). Paintings will be ready to hang on the wall. Hand painted gift wrapping with matching card is available for an extra $10.oo.

When ordering a commission we require 50% payment upfront via EMT, cash or cheque and the remainder at pick up. We will send you process photos halfway though and upon completion. Once the painting is picked up any additional edits after pick up will be an additional charge per hour. Please see below for more information and how to move forward with booking a commission!

Painting sizes & prices

Please note: We recommend reaching out to get a detailed price quote.

Choose between – Light weight birch wood art panels – ready to hang OR Live edge wood panel OR Watercolour paper
Live-edge wood – note all pieces are unique in width, depth, texture and bark. We recommend you come and see your piece first if possible. They will be ready to hang, but be aware they are heavy.

Sizes currently available

We can do custom artwork starting at 5×7 inches to as large as 8×8 feet. Please email or call for a detailed pricing quote. Prices below reflect minimal images. If you would like a multi image collage or an “oversized” size we price based on: $1-$2 per square inch + supply cost + an hourly collaging and comunication cost.

Birch wood panel

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  • 3″ inch round or heart wood ornament with quote on the back – $45 – comes ready to hang in gift bag. – one image – only offered seasonally
  • 6×6″ wood panel with one image – $150
  • 8×10″ wood panel with one image- $225
  • 11×14″ wood panel with one image- $305
  • 12×16″ $345 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 16×20″ $430 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 18×24″ $480 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 24×24″ $580 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 24×30″ $750 wood panel with 1-3 images
  • 20×40″ $875 with 2-4 images
  • Extra photos can be added to a painting for $50 per photo or bulk price for multiples.
  • 30×40″ and larger with 1- 25 images Please contact us for a quote. We base our prices on multiple elements. Prices range from $850-2500 for a 30×40 based on how many photos are used, amount of hours spent and difficulty of the project.
  • For example – Large scale painting 30×40 inches with 10+ complementary images = around $1550 + tax
  • Price based on – $1-$2 a square inch + supply cost + an hourly collaging and communication cost. All prices will be confirmed before we start the paining. We will not have hidden costs.

Live edge wood board
Live edge wood – note all pieces are unique in width, depth, texture and bark we recommend you come and see your piece first if possible. They will be ready to hang but are heavy. Note: prices below can vary and we can cut to a custom size if we have the piece available.
  • 25×6.5″ single image – $210-$280
  • 35×7-10″ 1-3 images -$375 +
  • Mid sizes available please ask for pricing based on the length you would like
  • 70×7-10″ 3-5 (mandatory) images collaged together – $950+ depending on photos and difficulty of the collage.
4 images 5 feet long
5 images 8 feet long
3 images 3 feet long
Single image – 25″ long

Love Our Flower paintings, but want a custom colour palette?

If you’d like a flower painting customized to your favourite colours and flowers, we can also do that. You’ll choose your favourite flowers, colours, and size for a personalized painted bouquet that lasts a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What materials do you use? I use: pine-wood artist panels or archival artist paper, Xeroxed colour photocopy of your personal photographs or images from my archive, archival adhesive and acrylic paint, pastels, crayons, grease pencils, permanent markers and sometimes spray-paint. Or I use printer friendly watercolour paper with watercolour paint, pastels and water-soluble supplies to achieve a misty foggy romantic look. Note: We do not take care of framing however we can recommend a framer. 

What are the size ranges that you can accommodate? I am very accommodating with size, working with anything from 5×7 inches to 10ft x 10 ft. I can also do home murals but that would be a separate conversation.

How much do the panels weigh? The wood panels that I use are very light often weighing between 5 and 15 pounds. Paper paintings would need to be framed so the weight would depend on your frame.

How much do the art works cost? For commissions prices vary based on a few elements. Primarily size and hours of work, materials, number of photos, and turn around time are large factors. Most large commissions are broken down by a price per square inch + supply cost + collaging hours and run between $1000-$2500+ for larger artworks on wood. Smaller artworks on paper or under 3 feet with 3 images or less we usually start around $250-$900 But please contact me with your ideas or a budget in mind and I can give you a more detailed quote. Also see the price chart below. We really strive to accommodate all budgets. 

What kind of payment do you take? We take cash, EMT or cheque. We require 50% upfront to start and 50% on delivery or we can set up a payment plan.

Where are you based out of? Wakefield Quebec, Canada. 25 min out of downtown Ottawa.

Can you ship artwork throughout Canada and Internationally? Yes, because they are on wood panels or paper the artwork ships nicely.  We will just need to work out shipping.

How long does it take to make my painting? Most large artworks will often be completed between 6-9 weeks. Small ones have a 3-5 week turn around.  Time is based on the time of year it is ordered. Please note we do not usually take orders to be finished June-September as we are running summer camp. Quickest turn around time is between January-March. 

Do you only do paintings? No I have also done wall murals, Dishware (Plates, Bowls, Mugs ) I also sell hand painted and poured cement candles and flowerpots. I also have a degree in Photography so I do a lot of family and pregnancy photoshoots.

 What I will need from you and how we get started on your new one-of-a-kind work of art!

  1. Email or call Stella and let her know you are looking to do a commission. Let us know if you have an idea of the size you would like OR if you have photos you would definitely like to use. Also let us know if there is a budget you would like to stay around. Email:
  2. If we are using your special treasured photos we will need to choose 1-20 (depending on size) HIGH QUALITY (not taken from social media as it breaks down the pixels) photographs that work well together, ones that can be collaged that lend themselves to a complementary collaging formation. Please send me LOTS of potential photo options as some might work better than others.
  3. Once we receive the photos Stella will send you 3 price quotes for the project. For 3 similar sizes.
  4. You will then choose the size that works best for you. 
  5. We will then sign a contract confirming agreement and you will pay half of the agreed price.
  6. Stella will then send you 3+ thumbnails of the potential collaged composition / layout of the painting
  7. Once composition is chosen Stella will glue down the images and start painting. This is when the “number of weeks to completion” starts.
  8. Halfway though painting she will touch base with photos and you can add colour changes. 
  9. Pick up final painting. final payment.

Visual reference of the steps

Step 1 If we are using you special  treasured photos we will need to choose 3-10 HIGH QUALITY (not taken from social media as it breaks down the pixels) photographs that work well together, ones that can be collaged  that lends itself to a complementary collaging formation. Please send me LOTS of potential photo options as some might work better than others.

-At this time we will also discuss the desired size of the art work. Please note All artworks are done on pine wood panels or artist paper as they are photo-based and must be done on a hard surface. (NOTE. the wood panels are not heavy they often weigh between 5 and 10 pounds.)

For example -> Step 1 – Choosing photos

step 2. Once the most complementary images are chosen I make xeroxes of them so as not to damage the originals and to gain the desired size for the panel. (Note in most cases I will blow up the size of the photographs when working on frames larger than 3 feet.)

At this point we are deciding on the composition of the art work on the panel.

Step 3. I then collage the images to find the right look. Once composition has been determined I then glue down with special archival adhesive. 


Step 4. once all the collaging and layout is done I start paining & using pastels and mixed media supplies.


Step 5. Varnish. I always varnish my finished paintings to make sure they are sealed and the photos will never lift. You will choose – Gloss, Semi gloss or Matte varnish. NOTE if your painting will be facing a window we do not recommend gloss varnish as you will get lots of sheen.

Past commissions

Stella Pagani – Artist Biography

Stella is a Graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario receiving a BFA double major in Photography and Drawing & Painting in 2010. Stella’s Photo based mixed-media work often focuses on travel and personal found objects or flowers. Their relation to memories invokes evolution of character and soul between the past and present. Often awakening feelings of nostalgia, her paintings incorporate a blurred overtone of photo, collage, paint and pastel. A keen love for the objects and places that she has personally experienced and documented, helps to play out a dream-like sequence of memories, allowing the viewer to get lost in her work. Stella currently resides In Wakefield Quebec where she owns and operates a full time personal studio practice and art school called Vortex Studio.

All of Stellas photo based paintings use unique one of a kind photos taken by Stella Pagani. Photos are then printed and collaged together and painted and pasteled on top, creating a unique mixed media work of art. Each Painting will have between 1-30 unique photos collaged to make a single painting composition. All mixed media works are sealed with UV protective varnish to insure they never lift or alter. All photography rights are held by Stella Pagani.