Holiday Painting commissions special!

Stella Pagani Photo Based Mixed Media Paintings

“…Lost memories, treasured photos, special days, links to the past…” Dream up your own commission using your precious photos of family, friends, pets, events, or even your own treasured objects! The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.

Paintings make fantastic gifts or treasured mementos that are truly unique and intimate to whom and what your care most about. I can use your beloved photographs, or I can photograph a place or item near and dear to your heart to create an original work of art.


*Choosing the right photograph to use for a painting.

When choosing a photo to use for your painting we recommend one with a clear image quality. One that evokes a memory or a place. And has a strong background vs a stark colour. If you are using multaple photos in the same painting we recommend trying to have the photos be of the same place if posable such as at a ski hill or keep them in the same colour family, however this is not a hard rule at all so definitely call us if you have any questions about this.

Live edge painting with 4 photos 5 feet long x 10 inches wide

Ordering a painting

Each art work will use 1 photo image provided to Stella by the commissioner digitally or an origanal hard copy. The sizes and prices are shown bellow. All paintings will be mixed media paintings with your photographs on wood, sealed with gloss or matt arrival varnish (chosen by you). Paintings will be ready to hang on the wall. Hand painted gift wrapping with matching card is available for an extra $10.oo.

When ordering a commission we require 50% payment upfront via EMT, cash or cheque and the remainder at pick up. We will send you prosess photos half way though and upon completion. Once the painting is picked up any additional edits after pick up will be an additional charge per hour.

All paintings commissioned before November 20th will be ready for pick up by December 15-17th at Vortex Studio. Paintings ordered after December 1st will be ready for pick up December 23 based on availability.

For expedited pick up, shipping, drop off. This can be arranged for a fee. Please email or call us for more info.

Painting sizes & prices

Light weight birch wood art panels – ready to hang
Live edge wood – note all piece’s are unique in width, depth, texture and bark we recommend you come and see your piece first if posable. They will be ready to hang but are heavy.

Sizes currently available
– holiday special on untill December 1st 2020 – After December 1st prices go up $85 per size

Birch wood panel
  • 3″ inch round or heart wood ornament with quoit on the back – $45 comes ready to hang in gift bag. -one image
  • 6×6″ wood panel with one image – $110
  • 8×10″ wood panel with one image- $175
  • 11×14″ wood panel with one image- $225
  • 12×16″ $265 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 16×20″ $350 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 18×24″ $400 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 24×24″ $500 wood panel with 1-2 images
  • 24×30″ $625 wood panel with 1-3 images
  • 20×40″ $700 with 2-4 images
  • 30×40″ $825 with 1- 4 images
  • Extra photos can be added to a painting for $35 per photo

Live edge wood board
Live edge wood – note all piece’s are unique in width, depth, texture and bark we recommend you come and see your piece first if posable. They will be ready to hang but are heavy. Note prices below can vary and we can cut to a custom size if we have the peice available.
  • 25×6.5″ single image – $200
  • 35×7/10″ 1-3 images -$375
  • Mid sizes available please ask for pricing based on the length you would like
  • 70×7/10″ 3-5 images collaged together mandatory – $850-950 depending on photos and difficulty of the collage.
4 images 5 feet long
5 images 8 feet long
3 images 3 feet long
Single image – 25″ long

Past commissions

Stella Pagani – Artist Biography

Stella is a Graduate of OCAD University in Toronto, Ontario receiving a BFA double major in Photography and Drawing & Painting in 2010. Stella’s Photo based mixed-media work often focuses on travel and personal found objects or flowers. Their relation to memories invokes evolution of character and soul between the past and present. Often awakening feelings of nostalgia, her paintings incorporate a blurred overtone of photo, collage, paint and pastel. A keen love for the objects and places that she has personally experienced and documented, helps to play out a dream-like sequence of memories, allowing the viewer to get lost in her work. Stella currently resides In Wakefield Quebec where she owns and operates a full time personal studio practice and art school called Vortex Studio.

All of Stellas photo based paintings use unique one of a kind photos taken by Stella Pagani. Photos are then printed and collaged together and painted and pasteled on top, creating a unique mixed media work of art. Each Painting will have between 1-30 unique photos collaged to make a single painting composition. All mixed media works are sealed with UV protective varnish to insure they never lift or alter. All photography rights are held by Stella Pagani.