Summer Jr Volunteer program


Vortex Studio summer Teen Volunteer Program!

For students between the ages of 12 and 18  

Vortex Studio is so excited to open up our Jr Volunteer summer program for its 5th year.  We love our Jr Volunteers! Most are campers and students who have aged out of our camp programs so they know just what Vortex is all about but they are not ready to leave yet. Others are art lovers or teens who are looking to go into carers with children and gain work experience. Overall, we have the most wonderful group of teens who play an integral part in the vortex summer experience.

Why become a Vortex Jr Volunteer? 

Our intention is to have local tweens/teens gain work experience and be involved and excited about the idea of working in a creative field. They will learn all the fun behind the scenes work that goes into an intensive summer art camp program. 

Though this volunteer program we hope to inspire youth to consider working in creative artistic careers, childcare, or entrepreneurial fields. We also encourage strong work ethic, personal problem solving, critical thinking and compassion. Youth will spend full days working hands-on with campers and camp counselors on small and large scale projects. They will also spend time preparing projects and sorting supplies, setting up obstacle courses and other physical activities, and cleaning and organizing. We are transparent in saying that our Jr staff works hard and they will be treated as a true part of the team. They have the expectation to complete tasks as team members. Through this they will learn responsibility, accountability and ultimately pride in their accomplishments.

There is also a large social part of volunteering with Vortex. We love to socialize as a team as we are a really tightly knit crew. We have staff get togethers, pizza lunches and movie nights. The Vortex Jr staff team usually ages into Vortex Camp Counselors, so most of them work together for years!

list of learning opportunities 

  • Responsibility and accountability
  • Efficiency and hard work
  • Child care management
  • Familiarity with any and all art supplies
  • Written and physical organization 
  • Course programming implementation 
  • Mentorship between volunteers (Jr volunteers, senior volunteers and councillors) 
  • Art tool safety
  • Studio setup 
  • First aid safety 
  • Professionalism and appropriate workplace behaviour 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Work ethic, personal pride and accomplishment 

All volunteers that complete our program will have a personal letter of recommendation written about their time at the studio, if requested. We also aim to have our Jr volunteers age into Camp Counselors, if it’s a wonderful fit.  

Volunteers must BE

  • at least 12 years of age, entering grade 7
  • willing to commit to at least 2 full weeks of camp, Monday-Friday, 8am-3:30pm
  • interested in visual arts and/or childcare
  • self motivated and hardworking 
  • positive and upbeat 
  • creative and fun! 
  • eager to work with children 
  • able to make others feel comfortable and safe
  • kind, considerate, compassionate and helpful
  • without a juvenile record 
  • bilingual (not necessary, but definitely a bonus!)

How to apply

We welcome you to apply by writing us a letter letting us know why you are interested in spending the summer with us.

Please send email to with a letter from your child about why they would like to be a part of the volunteer team as well as the weeks they are available to work.


When is camp? Camp runs for 8 weeks, from June 26th to August 18th, 2023

If my child is attending camp can they still Volunteer? Yes, of course! A lot of our Jr Volunteers are also attending some of the teen camps.

What if my child is 12 and going into grade 6? Unfortunately, we do require them to be going into grade 7 to be part of the Volunteer program.

How many weeks do they have to Volunteer? All our Volunteers must commit to at least 2-3 weeks, due to the learning curve and all the training involved.

Can they just work a few days over a few weeks? No. Unfortunately, we do request they they commit to Monday to Friday 8:00am-3:30pm so that the students become familiar with their team.

Do the weeks for volunteering have to be back to back? Nope!

Can my child request what group they are in? They can definitely request it; however, we cannot accommodate all requests and groups are subject to change based on scheduling needs.

Can my child volunteer with their friend? They can definitely apply together; however, Volunteers are paired with Counselors and generally do not work together.

Is the Volunteer Program paid? No, our Volunteer Program is not paid; however, we do bring treats and snacks to the studio for the Volunteers and we offer Volunteer gifts at the end of the summer. We also offer 25% off to any camps the Volunteers or their siblings attend.

Do all Volunteers get offered a paid job as a camp counselor when they turn 16? We do like to age our Jrs into Counselors when they become 16. Priority is always given to the hardest working Volunteers and the ones who have completed the most Volunteer weeks with us, with the most interest in our program.

Can my child use Vortex as a reference when looking for a job? Yes, absolutely! Many Volunteers also book babysitting jobs with the camp parents!

How do you train the Jrs? Before summer camp starts we have a big staff meeting where they all meet and we walk around the studio and explain how the summer will work. Hands-on training is given when camp starts.  They will get paired with an older staff or Volunteer and they will learn as they go so that everything is relevant and relatable.