Vortex Studio Teen Volunteer Program! 

Between the ages of 13-18 our JR JR- age 10-12 group is full 

Applications due: March 6th 2020

Vortex Is excited to announce that we will be starting an in studio camp prep volunteer program! 

Our intention is to have local tweens/teens become gain work experience and be involved and excited about the idea of working in a creative field and learn all the fun behind the scenes work that gos into an intensive summer camp program. 

 Though multiple weeks we will have our group help brain storm projects, make demos, organize project outlines, Make daily outlines, make order lists and budgets, build work spaces, help with marketing and social media and fully set up and prepare vortex studio for summer art camp! Once Camp starts each volunteer will spend two full weeks of camp with us working as Jr councillors. 

Though this volunteer program we hope to inspire volunteers to consider working in creative artistic careers. We also encourage strong work ethic, critical thinking and hands on work experience.

Below are a list of learning opportunities we hope to achieve. 

  • Familiarity with any and all art supplies
  • How to make art demos and the information packet that goes with them
  • Written and physical organization 
  • Course programming 
  • Course budgets 
  • Mentorship between volunteers (Jr Jr Volunteers and Jr councillors) 
  • Art tool safety
  • Website updates 
  • Social media marketing
  • Studio set up 
  • Fist aid safety 
  • Working with children 
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Professionalism and appropriate workplace behaviour 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Work ethic and personal pride and accomplishment 

All volunteers that complete our program will have a personal letter of recommendation written about there time at the studio. 

Volunteer requirements. 

Be between the ages of 13-18 our JR JR- age 10-12 group is full

Attendance at Volunteer club Mondays 4:35-6:00pm – March 16th-April 5th 2020                 A second session is TBD – April 20th-May 11th

->All volunteer applicants are encouraged to have an interest in the arts. We require applicants to write a letter of intent or submit a video as to why they would like to be considered. As well as an artwork depicting them working at the studio. Please also highlight the weeks that you are available to volunteer during the summer.  (Parents can help with letter of intent) 

PLEASE NOTE- All volunteers must be available for all after school volunteers club meetings – And minimum two full weeks of summer camp volunteering. Note: The weeks do not have to be back to back but must be Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30pm for scheduling purposes. Please see our summer camp schedule bellow for more info on weeks and themes. Note: *We will only have one volunteer working each week of summer camp.

Volunteers must meet the below criteria:

  • Be interested in the visual arts or drama
  • A self starter 
  • Have a positive attitude 
  • Willingness to put forth hard work when in the studio 
  • Have fun creative ideas! 
  • Eagerness to work with children 
  • Ability to make others feel comfortable and safe
  • Be Kind, Considerate and Helpful
  • * Have taken at least 1 pre-registered class or full week camps at vortex – Note: If you have not taken classes with us we have new sessions starting in march. 
  • For those that have not been to vortex please apply with 7-10 images from a portfolio and a resume if you have one. 
  • Have taken a babysitters first aid course or be registered for an upcoming one before June. 
  • Have a clean juvenile record 
  • Bonus if you are bilingual

How to apply-

Please send email to artatvortexstudio@gmail.com with:

If you have taken at least 1 pre-registered art class or full week camp at vortex.

  • letter or video about why you would like to volunteer at vortex and why you think you would be an asset to the team.
  • A photo of the artwork you made about you working in the studio
  •  A resume if you have one
  • The weeks you are available to volunteer during the summer

    If you have note been to a Vortex before

  • letter or video about why you would like to volunteer at vortex and why you think you would be an asset to the team.
  • A photo of the artwork you made about you working in the studio
  •  7 – 10 photos of your artistic portfolio
  • A resume if you have one.

Please do not drop this off at the studio or pop in to apply. Everything must be sent via email.

Due to the limited number of spaces we will not be able to take all applicants. Thank you so much for applying!

Summer Camp Schedule

June 25 & 26 

All of the art camp –Age 5-12

June 29th – July 3rd –4 Day Week

Graffiti Art, Murals, Painting & Drawing Camp-Age 8-14

July 6-10th

Installation & Public Collaborative Art Week.Age 6-13

July 13th – 17th

Plays/ Murals/ Masks & Costumes

July 20th-24th

All Of The Art Camp  Age 5-13

July 27-31st

Nature Inspired Art Making –Age 5-12

August 3-7th

Tween & teens- All of the art camp,  Intermediate & advanced art week-Age 9-15

August 10-14th

Plays/ Murals/ Masks & Costumes

August 17th-21st

Art,Yoga & Cooking! Vortex collaborates with HOME yoga studio! – Age 6-13

August 24th -28th

 All Of The Art Camp Age 5-13

Dates TBD based on when WQSB school goes back.