Art Based Crafts For a Cool Bedroom!


Art Based Crafts For a Cool Bedroom!

-In this fun and dynamic art based Craft Class kids work towards making 3D art pieces that they can easily display in there bedrooms at home or gift to friends. We will be making projects that will get there hands dirty and there minds working overtime! In this 8 week workshop we offer multiple different kinds of crafts that in body creativity and target problem solving skills and dexterity. We will use multiple materials to construct our projects such as acrylic paint, sting, fabric, art papers, paper mashea, wood, beads and lots more.

We will work towards making  fun different artworks to be showcased in there room!  Though these fun excursuses kids will learn to make something fun, useful and easy to display from scratch. They will make sketches and patterns before construction of the crafts helping them to learn forward thinking and problem solving skills and they alter the plans as they go encouraging spontaneity and adaptability within the creative process.