COVID-19 Health and safety



At Vortex we take health and safety extremely seriously always. Now with COVID-19 we are extremely diligent in meeting the Quebec standards.  Please see our updated procedures below. We will change and adapt as the government provides more information. Feel free to call us with any questions you might have.


  • All staff will be trained in strict sanitation and safety guidelines. We will always follow government guidelines and distancing unless there is an emergency and in that case we will follow first aid training and be in PPE equipment. 
  • All staff will have aprons equipped with all PPE equipment and sanitizer to be used if there is a need for any close contact. When helping with an art project.
  • Face shields are encouraged for staff but we are sensitive that we will always be in open air and there will be extreme heat.  Government guidelines will be followed as to PPE regulations for staff. At this time it is unknown for summer 2021.
  • All staff will have their temperature taken in the morning and if showing any signs of COID will be replaced by another on call staff. 
  • All Vortex Staff are extremely sensitive to the fact that they are working during a pandemic and health and safety is taken into consideration in their professional and personal life.
  • All awesome senior staff are Red Cross certified
  • All Jr staff are AMAZING role models! 

Vortex Pets– have instagram! @petpicassio

Please note: Vortex Studio has two small hypoallergenic dogs living on site- Picasso and Dolly Parton (she’s new to us!). They might come say hello during camp. Dolly Parton more so than picasso. We also have 2 cats that do sometimes walk to the tent to say hello Birdy and Leo. We ask that you talk to your children about not touching or picking up the pets at this time please. If you have allergies please let us know beforehand we will make sure to keep the cats inside. Please do not bring your dogs into the camp area as it might agitate our dogs. Thank you – Vortex Pets

 Vortex Venue during summer camp:

  • -Vortex Art camp activities will be fully run outside in open air. Each group will work under their own wedding style tent that will shield from the elements.
  • Please note in the case of extreme weather warnings we might call on parents to pick up children early if there is a real risk to their safety outside under tents, such as thunder/lightning storm, extreme winds, tornado warning. 
  • We will have multiple hand washing stations set up around the Vortex property. Children are encouraged to frequently wash and clean their hands.
  • We have hand sanitizer readily available
  • All surfaces will be sterilized throughout the day
  • Washrooms – We will have designated washroom breaks throughout the day. Campers will have access to the in studio washroom. Each camper will access the washroom one at a time with a councillor disinfecting the washroom between each use.
  • All art supplies used by students will be fully disinfected before use.
  • Some art supplies or toys might be shared. (Eg. Spray paint)  If this is to happen we will disinfect them before the next camper uses the item.
  • At vortex Studio we do use sometimes use aerosol MTN spray paint. Children use disposable masks and gloves when using it. If you do not want your child using it please let us know before camp. cans will be sanitized between each use.
  • Each child will have their own art kit bin to use when at camp to lessen the chance of sharing items. (pencils, markers,scissors etc.)
  • There is a chance that the Vortex Studio Store will be open this summer as a gift shop and gallery. Patrons will never have access to the washrooms and we will be sanitizing non stop.  
  • We have a pond on site. Campers are NEVER to go anywhere near it or in it. Please review this with your child before camp. Misconduct around this results in immediate child pick up.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We will be using Lysol wipes, aerosol spray and spirits cleaner, as well as a bleach-based product to clean and disinfect surfaces.

  • Our camper ratio this year depends on age group. Please see the information page.
  • Any sign of fever or Covid symptoms and we will deny entry for the sake of all campers and staff. 
  • We require all families to keep children home if anyone in the family has any signs of COVID-19 or has had contact with anyone with known symptoms.
  • Campers will each have their own designated chairs and table spot for the full week of camp.
  • Campers might be in a group pod with the children in their tent – TBD
  • Even if we are in a pod, campers will be required to wear a mask: in the washroom, coming to the tent at drop off, inside the tent if it’s badly raining and we put the  sidewalls down, if we play any close contact game, when we do messy day activities, using spray paint.
  • Campers will have their own personal tupperware and art supplies to utilize during the week that will not be shared with any other camper unless it’s a sibling. 
  • We however will be sharing spray paint, spritz bottles and toys but they will be sanitized in between use.
  • A large Tupperware will be used to store all their belongings and projects throughout the week. Things that do not fit will be brought home at the end of day.
  • Tupperware and supplies will be sanitized before a new group starts camp.
  • This year we will only be doing art projects that campers ideally can complete fully without physical help from an adult.
  • Campers will have a 6 foot social distancing walking stick to help them visualize their personal space. We will also have ground markings.
  • Campers are welcome to bring 5 small personal items and a grass blanket in a bag that they can access at quiet time. This can be left in their “zone” for the week.
  • We will have a private changing room set up outside if campers would like to play in the sprinkler or should need to change for any reason.
  • If we have a student with covid symptoms we have a disinfected isolation area for the student. Equipped with a full COVID kit and mask for the child.
  • We will have more breaks between projects this year as to not over-stimulate children.
  • Please note that we will be taking all possible safety measures but as we are dealing with children we are aware that there is a margin of unpredictability so we are respectively saying “come at your own risk”

  • Thank you for considering Vortex Studio for summer camp. We really work hard to show your children an amazing time with great memories while still taking health and safety seriously.

Private Classes:  We are not currently booking private classes at this time

At Vortex Studio: All of our at-vortex private classes are offered open air in our garden or on our deck. We offer a fully sterilized work space with an umbrella and sterilized supply kit. We also have a sterilization kit available if you would feel more comfortable to do it again yourself upon arrival.  Stella will be in a face shield during the class and will always practice social distancing. The studio washroom is available if needed and will be fully sanitized before the class. We do require you to wear a mask if entering the building. We have masks available if needed. The rest of the studio space will be blocked off.  

On location private art classes: In your front or back yard. For on location art classes and experiences vortex will bring all art supplies “travel kit” this kit included full PPE for Stella, folding table for the student, umbrella, chair for stella, a sterilization kit, a first aid kit, A table cover (if you would prefer we use your table) a bucket and soap for hand-washing, and a garbage can. We will need access to a hose and extension cord. As well as access to an emergency washroom. we will always wear a mask if accessing the washroom. All classes must be done in open air. In order to attend or host a class you will be required to sign a liability form.