Graffiti Art, Murals, Painting & Drawing Camp

Graffiti Art, Murals, Painting & Drawing Camp

4 Day Week as July 1st is a holiday

Age 8-14

Location: Vortex Art Studio- 903 River Side Drive Wakefield QC

Price: $290 for full week tax included

To RSVP please email

*Please note we do not offer any discount pricing on this camp due to the elevated supply cost and visiting graffiti artist! 

This week we are working LARGE! Kiddos will work on some super fun art activities based around learning different kinds of painting  & mixed media skills for large scale murals, and everything that goes into preparing for painting projects!

During the week we will learn drawing skills for “Tagging” a graffiti name, drawing thumbnails, spray paint can handling skills, stencil making, large scale acrylic painting, screen printing, collaborative mural painting & drawing and much more. Vortex also welcomes a professional graffiti artist to spend a day with us and tell us all about there job, do demos, presentations and one on one consultations.

During this fun week of camp kids & tweens will learn to respect and utilize their alternative tools in a safe manner. Please note we will be using aerosol spray paint outside with a mask and goggles throughout the week.

*All supplies included. Students will bring home about 75% of the projects made at camp. The large wood wall mural will stay at vortex studio to be showcased thought the year.

*Please note: this course is a 4 day week and not eligible for any additional discounts . Due to the heightened supply cost. Please let us know if you have any questions.