Painting Party Workshop

 Painting Party workshop

$30 Per Person all supplies included
Would you like to attend and paint but you are an adult? All ages always welcome!
(great parent child workshop)
Lets get the paints out and have some fun!
This is a great creative art and painting workshop where everyone will get to use 2 different mediums watercolour paints AND acrylic paints. In this open studio setting artists can choose to paint standing up at an easel or sitting at the table with or without an easel. Artists will choose their own subject matter for the artwork such as landscape, animals, fantasy etc… and Stella will be available for one on one guidance and support throughout the event.
Each artist will leave with one watercolour 8 x10 painting and one acrylic canvas.
This is a great workshop for kids to enjoy the creative process and not worry about getting messy paints everywhere at home, we take care of the clean up!
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-Please note- please don’t send them in their favorite outfit!