Mixed Media Painting

–  In this 5-week class guests learn a wide variety of Mixed Media Painting based skills and leave with a true understanding of mixed-media works of art.

They will learn how to combine:  Paint, drawing, pastels, Images and found/personal material into works of art! Everyone is encouraged to bring any personal mementos and photographs that they would like to use. There will also be lots of supplies available in the class to experiment with!

We will also heavily focus on acrylic mediums and additives for paint we will see how we can use them for transfers and texture and happy additions to our work. We will spend time working with new mediums but also alot of time with self directed studies and  longer more focused paintings.
What to expect from our classes – We have an exciting lesson plan set to ease everyone into art making in a positive environment using a wide variety of tools and supplies. Our first class will be based around them becoming familiar with the studio and its supplies. By testing them out in sketchbooks and on paper they will work towards an understanding of what it means to make art with mixed media materials and how to best portray a message or a story in an unconventional way with different material.  They will learn throughout the 5 weeks that different supplies send different visual messages and the possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

NOTE: We supply most materials for this class we do ask that you bring a sketch book and any extra paint you would like to experiment with. Our Long self directed study we supply a 16×20 canvas but you are more then welcome to bring a larger one if you like.

Mixed media– From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

 When creating a painted or photographed work using mixed media care is taken to allow enough drying time between the layers to ensure the final work will have structural integrity. If many different media are used it is equally important to choose a sturdy foundation upon which the different layers are imposed.

Many effects can be achieved by using mixed media. Found objects can be used in conjunction with traditional artist media to attain a wide range of self-expression. Some children’s picture books also use mixed media illustrations. For example, ‘s Nachts by Wolf Erlbruch.

Mixed media art, a visual art, is distinguished from multimedia art which combines visual art with non-visual elements, such as recorded sound, literature, drama, dance, motion graphics, music, or interactivity.