Partner Painting

Its Valentines Day/ Week At Vortex!
Lets get creative We have two different events to choose from

Wednesday February 14th 7:15-9:00pm ” Heart Painting”
Accompanied with Live  Music by Mathew Falvai
IMG_2597 3

7:00-9:00pm – DATE NIGHT – Step by Step Partner Painting of “The Blue Moon”  Accompanied with Live  Music by Mathew Falvai
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$35 per person or 2 people for $65
All Supplies included.
Come over and get cozy in the studio we are making step by step partner paintings! 2 paintings become 1 large painting.
You and your valentine – Friend, partner, spouse, Child…
Will make a painting together. you will each work on one side of the painting to make 1 complete image.
Don’t Have a Valentine? NO PROBEM! come on down for some self love! you can work on your special painting.
We will be doing a step by step Heart painting but feel free to paint whatever moves you.
In this 2-hour class, all guests will learn how to make a one-of-a-kind painting from start to finish. The whole class is lead with step-by-step (English) instruction on how to create each aspect of the painting from colour mixing to application. Each guest will follow along on their own personal canvas.
Beginner’s welcome! A great class to do a partner painting!
Accompanied with Live Music by Mathew Falvai

Stella Pagani has a Bachelors of Fine Art with a double major in Painting and Photography from OCAD University. She is an active artist and teacher and has shown extensively throughout her career.
Side note- Please be mindful that we are using acrylic paint and although each guest is given an apron we do suggest you wear something you would not mind getting a little messy