*Private Art Classes At Your Home

private art class for children or adults on location in your front or back yard. Sping/ Summer 2021

within 20Km of Wakefield village. Further then 20km you will be subject to a 10-20 travel fee

Due to covid we are limited with the activities we can offer. At this time please see a selection of projects we can facilitate in spring /summer outside if the current COVID restrictions are lifted and we are aloud to teach outside.

Currently January 2021+ we are not taking any in person or digital private classes. We will update this page as soon as that changes

Spring/ Summer 2021 classes Outside

  • Please note we will only teach a maximum of 3 different households including teacher- no more than 5 children at a time to meet the Quebec government’s guidelines. At this time we are only teaching children 4+

  • Acrylic painting
  • Step by step acrylic painting
  • Watercolour painting
  • drawing and painting 101 how to break down and understand shapes.
  • watercolour lamp shades
  • image transfer and painting
  • paper mache – must book 2 sessions
  • Mixed media art making
  • Collage mixed media
  • Air dry clay crafts
  • Kiln dried clay and beading wind chimes- must book 2 sessions
  • kids Jewelry and hair craft decorating
  • kids and teens crafts
  • modge podge projects
  • nature mobiles
  • mixed media self portraits
  • barn board signs
  • really messy abstract art making
  • Flower pot decorating
  • Flower pot people sculptures
  • spray painting
  • Concept development and building cohesive ideas and meanings


Private art class 1 on 1

  • $75 per hour of art class
  • $95 per 1.5 hour art class + 30 minutes of  unscheduled supervised quiet reflection time to read or draw outside.
  • $105 for 2 hours of art class

Semi private art class, siblings or additional family friend

. – 2 households maximum. —Each additional person is a extra $30  on the overall cost. booking siblings save 10% 

  • example 2 friend students for 1 hour would be $105.00 – $75 + $30 = $105

*All art supplies and tax included. Everything will be fully sterilized before use

Health and Safety: 

Safety measures: Safety is very important to us at vortex. All classes offered must be in open air outside and are weather dependent. Classes will be rescheduled if it is raining or over 32 degrees or if you have ANY COVID symptoms. Please note we will only teach a maximum of 3 different households- no more than 10 people at a time (including teacher) as to meet the Quebec government’s guidelines. Please see below full information on our health and safety procedures.
On location art classes: In your front or back yard. For on location art classes and experiences vortex will bring all art supplies “traval kit” this kit included full PPE for Stella, folding table for the student, umbrella, chair for stella, a sterilization kit, a first aid kit, A table cover (if you would prefer we use your table) a bucket and soap for hand-washing, and a garbage can. We will need access to a hose and extension cord. As well as access to an emergency washroom. we will always wear a mask if accessing the washroom. All classes must be done in open air.
In order to attend or host a class you will be required to sign a liability form.