Step By Step Monogram Painting on Wood Rounds


Step By Step Monogram Painting acrylic or watercolour on Wood Rounds
$35 per person, all supplies included!
Accompanied with Live Music by Mathew Falvai
To book please RSVP and send payment to

In this 2-hour class, all guests will learn how to make a one-of-a-kind Monogramed painting from start to finish. The class is lead with step-by-step (English) instruction on how to create each aspect of the painting from colour mixing to application. Each guest will follow along on their own personal wood round or watercolour paper.

If you don’t want to follow the step by step instructions no problem! Create something totally unique!

We also have the option of you working on paper or canvas if requested.
As we expect peoples personal preferences to sayings and aesthetic to differ we have stencils to help with the writing in the middle and we will guide everyone one on one on how they would like there outer circle to look.

Please Note: If using a saying or quoit please keep it short as our stencils are individual letters. Not sure of what to write? Have a look at pintrest prior to the class there is amazing inspiration to be had!
Beginner’s always welcome!
Accompanied with Live Music by Mathew Falvai

Stella Pagani has a Bachelors of Fine Art with a double major in Painting and Photography from OCAD University. She is an active artist and teacher and has shown extensively throughout her career.

Side note- Please be mindful that we are using acrylic paint and although each guest is given an apron we do suggest you wear something you would not mind getting a little messy