The art challenge camp

The Art Challenge

Intermediate & advanced art week

Time: 9:00am to 4:00pm

Before and after care available based on request for $15 Per Hour (discounts not applicable)

Age: 9-15

Location: Vortex Art Studio- 903 River Side Drive Wakefield QC

To RSVP please email

The Art Challenge

Intermediate & advanced art week

Although Vortex’s art camps are super duper immersed in art making, This is the week we really dive deep into a more challenging/ focused artistic art practice.

Children & tweens will get to let creativity shine and will challenge themselves to work on longer more directed projects based around concepts, interests and the idea of why and how we make what we make. We will also be using tools that are more challenging that we do not usually bring out at camp such as print making tools, leather needles and x-acto knives. 

Students will spend the beginning of the week experimenting with lots different art supplies and as the week goes on we will start to work on larger projects geared toward individual interest. 

This is an extremely emersave art camp week. We will be working on longer focused art projects and have less time for outside games and play. We will be spending most of our time on art making or going on walks to do plain air painting. We encourage only those that LOVE art making to sign up for this week.

Please note: All skill levels are welcome to join we just require students to be abel to work on a single project for at least an hour at a time.