Windchimes /Mobile Making / Hanging Work Of Art!


Wind Chimes/ Mobile Making / Hanging Work of Art! 

Accompanied with Live Music by Mathew Falvai 

$35 per person all supplies included but please feel free to bring a special memento you might like to add into your artwork

Bohemian wall hangings, Unconventional Wind-chimes / Mobile Making 

What is a mobile, Wind Chime, wall hanging or wreath?

I like to call it a hanging work of art!

This is a wonderful workshop where everyone is encouraged to work together and challenge themselves to make a piece of hanging art. In this two-hour class each person will work to make one unique hanging work of art. They can be hung inside, outside, or the traditional spot above the cradle!

By combining all sorts of materials such as: String, beads, feathers, crystal, paint, branches, wood, metal, and a variety of found objects, guests will create their very own hanging work of art with Stella’s guidance and encouragement

This is a free-work class. Stella will work with everyone when arriving to determine what kind of mobile they would like to make and where they plan to hang it. Is it for an adult’s living room? The door during the holidays, a child’s playroom? A gift? Are you drawn to an organic neutral tone or a more colorful concept? The possibilities are as vast as your personality and can fit a variety of occasions.

Once the concept is decided on, the guests are guided through hanging and assembling techniques as well as selecting from a wide variety of materials. We encourage and build off of each other’s ideas to make the ultimate piece.

Guests will leave with one hanging work of art.

Accompanied with Live Music by Mathew Falvai 

Stella Pagani has a Bachelors of Fine Art with a double major in Painting and Photography from OCAD University. She is an active artist and teacher and has shown extensively throughout her career.

Side note- Please be mindful we are using acrylic paint and although each guest is given an apron we do suggest you wear something you would not mind getting a little messy