What to bring to camp/camp Rules

Summer camp 2022

Summer camp 2022 Information is coming soon. We expect to post our 2022 season information by February 27th. To join our mailing list and find out first about camp information please email artatvortexstudo@gmail.com.

You can see what our outline from 2021 looked like below, please note that we will not have the exact same schedule this year as last and we will be adding some new themes and more “fun camp” options. We will not be offering half day camp this year, and we will have new Covid guidelines that will be more related to the current Covid 19 climate.

Vortex Studio – What to bring to camp and information Packet 2021

Thank you so much for your interest in Vortex Studio Camp. We apologize that it is so long but we would like to ensure that everyone is on the same page in such a unique time. This is our way of keeping your children and our staff safe. 

Please see info below about 

  • Camp hours,location, contact info..
  • What to bring to camp,
  • Camp rules,
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Art pick up

 General information

Location:Vortex Studio – 903 River Side Drive – In backyard wedding tents

Time– 9:00am-3:00pm 

Before and after care: available for a fee – Start time 7:30am – 5:30pm

Cost- $350 per child- Plus $7 online booking service fee. Supplies included – Note we do not issue R24 forms

Number of Groups on grounds: 1-4 per week.

Camp age– Depends on the week and the group- See more info below

Child to counselor ratio– Single camp group size will depend on age groups. 

-We will be respecting the government’s guidelines but groups could potentially be as large as: 

Age 5 & 6 – 10 children

Age 7+ – 12 children

Age 9+ 15 children (we would cap at 14)

  • Contact info artatvortexstudio@gmail.com
  • call 416 629 6504 http://www.vortexstudio.ca​
  • FB & instagram: @vortexstudio —> Want to see what we are doing at camp during the
  •  Follow our stories on instagram to see all our cool projects @vortexstudio 

Pick up and drop off:

  • We will have a pick up and drop off entrance towards the backyard of vortex. 
  • We ask that you wait in a socially distanced line labeled with your group leader’s name. Eg- unicorn. 
  • When picking up your child to not overcrowd the entrance area.Please have a mask on at this time. Your child’s name will be given to the JR counselor and she/he will notify our staff who is to come and meet their parents. 
  • Unfortunately this summer we can not have anyone other than the campers and staff in our camp “zone”. All artwork will be carried by the child or left in the “child’s art zone” under or near the car port where it has been sanitized and is ready to go home. – Most projects will go home at the end of the week.
  • Drop off in the morning will be between 8:55 and 9:10.
  • PLEASE do not drop off your child before 8:55am unless you have before care scheduled. We will not have staff ready to care for your child before this time.
  •  Please have child and parent in a mask until they get to the tent. Again we ask that no parents come past the entrance area except for the first day of camp.(we understand you would like to see where your child will spend its time). 
  • When entering camp children will go right to their designated tent so as to not mix with the other group for safety reasons. If you require before care this can be arranged for a fee and we request that you set it up beforehand.
  • First day of drop off we will require a parent or guardian to sign off on:
    PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO FILL THIS OUT. We will be ready to receive family at 8:40 the first morning. 
  • A form that says they understand and agree to all of the below statements and have read the updated 2021 Vortex registration information:
  • We agree and understand to be true – that no one in our household is showing any Covid 19 symptoms or has been in contact with anyone that has Covid 19 or is showing symptoms. 
  • That no one in the household or that we have knowingly been in contact with is awaiting Covid 19 test results.
  • That no one in our household has traveled outside of the region on a group trip within the last 14 days before camp.(Ottawa city limits exempt for work purposes.) 
  • That before and after care is not needed. Or if so, it’s already been set up. 
  • That we are able to have close contact with your child in the case of an emergency
  • That we will monitor the child’s temperature if needed and symptoms throughout the week and the child will be sent home if any Covid symptoms arise. (we understand the heat will affect temperature). (Our thermometer is contactless) 
  • In the case of very extreme wind, rain or storm we might have to contact family to pick up children early as we are outside in tents, This will only happen if there is an extreme weather warning. 


Please note the marked parking lines when dropping children off as to keep our entrance clear. Please drive slowly in the parking lot as children and animals might be present.

Vortex Camp Rules and guidelines
Vortex takes safety and respect very seriously. Please go over the rules with your child before attending camp.

  • Respect of yourself, our staff, the studio, the art supplies
  • Safety – Never put yourself or others in harm’s way, do not:
  • Run with scissors
  • Aimlessly wander around the studio tent space
  • Play by the pond
  • Kick on the swings
  • Play by the road or leave the camp area
  • Squirt others with paint
  • Do something continuously after another camper or staff requests that you stop
  •  Be disrespectful with others in any way.
  • You MUST stay in the camp zone at all times unless you are being picked up or dropped off by a guardian. Or unless the group with team leaders is with you. We will not tolerate children leaving the space unattended or hiding. 2 strikes and we will have to send them home for the day.
  • ●  Children MUST respect social distancing rules at all times
  • ●  Cleaning. Always clean up after yourself after you are done a project. Leaving the space as you found it. You must clean up all of your food garbage
  • ●  Inside Voices. Always be respectful of others. We must use inside voices when we are in the tent. No yelling please. When asking a question or making a comment please raise your hand.
  • *Always eat in view of a buddy. You must always be sitting when eating so as to not choke.
  • ●  Keeping our hands to ourselves. – Never hit, push or be unkind to ourselves or others
  •   Pets. Please do not pick up or touch the pets.
  • ●  Closed toe shoes must be on your feet at all times. If you are in “Fun camp” we encourage high socks because of ticks as we will be in the woods.
  • -> Vortex now has a 3 strikes policy before a child will be sent home. If we do see unkind or disrespectful behaviour we will notify parents. If a child is sent home for the day we do not issue a refund.
  • ●  first time – though email
  • ●  second time – phone call
  • ●  third to pick up the child for the day.

★ This is to ensure a positive and safe environment for all our campers, animals and staff


  • 2+ masks please have 1 for the day and at least 2 extras in a bag in childs back pack.
  • 1. CLOTHING THEY CAN GET MESSY! Paint and dirst ALWAYS finds its way to nice clothing. Child will be provided a smock but it is always better to be safe. Please note we do use acrylic paint and it DOESN’T come off clothing.
  • A blanket to sit on in the grass
  •  An extra set of clothing in case something gets wet or dirty
  •  Closed toe shoes! Or sandals with a strap. NO flip flops please
  • If at fun camp we recommend high socks because they will be in vortex woods with high grass, sticks and potentially ticks. 
  • Shoes MUST be on at all times.
  • At least 2 – Snacks for break time – Note we will not be able to help children open food or heat it up please make sure they can open containers and packages.
  • A lunch
  • A water bottle!!! MANDATORY
  • Outdoor heat appropriate clothing!
  • Hat
  • sun screen – WE DO NOT SUPPLY. Please send your child with it on and in the bag! We spend time in the direct sun and feel soo bad if they look like little lobsters! THIS we can also not help put on.- Covid 😦 
  •  Sunglasses (optional)
  • heat coverup (optional)
  • A towel and bathing suit if the child would like to play in sprinkler (optional)
  • Optional – Noise cancelling headphones or a personal headphone music device such as an iPod to aid in personal focusing if you think it would be beneficial (Note we will not be giving access to wifi. We will also not tolerate devices being used as a toy or games being played. Devices used as a negative distraction will be taken away for the day and returned at home time. It is a focusing tool only.
  • Up to 5 small personal calming items in a bag for quiet time such as a book, sketchbook, IQ game, dolly, toy, polly pocket ect.. This is what they will have access to when we have relaxation time on the blanket. These items will never be shared with other campers and must be cleaned up by the owner. 
  • After care children should bring items to play with at this time as we do not do art projects facilitated by staff.

Thank you so much for reviewing all the information. – The Vortex Team 

Want to print this info off to make sure you have everything?