Abstract Painting

The art of unwinding, Finding the calm though art based therapy.     Abstract, intuitive, repetitious & representational painting & Drawing

Though this workshop will use the medium of art and music to release your inner energy onto paper & canvas using movement and creative expression.
The focus of this workshop will be on stress relief, colour and texture & feeling your creative practice.

People make art for many different reasons. Through this workshop we hope to help you find a slow and personal self practice, void of realistic imagery. We will make it more about portraying your feelings through colour and strokes, and your inner relationship with your paper, canvas, and supplies, working towards therapeutic artistic practice.
Our workshop will be accompanied by live instrumental music.

Beginners and children over 10 welcome, Please note this will be a quiet self reflective workshop.
$50.00 Per Person all supplies included

Please RSVP to artatvortexstudio@gmail.com