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Vortex Studio Summer camp update – Covid-19

– Thank you for your interest in Vortex Studio. Due to Covid-19 we have unfortunately had to make some changes to our Summer plans. For the foreseeable future we will be closed for classes and camp. This decision is not one that we take lightly. We LOVE hosting summer art camp but as this is such an uncertain time, and children and our staff’s safety comes first, we have decided not to run a full summer of camp. 

As there has not been any information as to the government’s intentions and safety guidelines regarding summer camp just yet, we are unable to move forward with any solid plans. As it stands right now we can confirm that there will definitely be no camp for June and most of July. 

We have spent our last few summers running an amazingly creative and all-encompassing art camp. We do know that if we run summer camp this year the outline of our program will have to be very different with much fewer campers. Because of this we are concerned about keeping the integrity of an openly creative and positive environment where children feel safe and at home. Where they have the full use of all the supplies in the studio and the freedom to explore ideas as they come. This may not be possible this year, as well as the ability to get quality art supplies. As the weeks pass and more information becomes available we will continue to monitor the current situation and update the website as we know more.

We understand some families’ dire need for summer camp as their work situations do not allow for summers off so this is the main reason we are even considering running camp at all. If you know that you will be in need of camp and would like to be added to a 

“keep me updated list” Please email us at

LAST UPDATED MAY 12TH 2020 FB & instagram: @vortexstudio

To RSVP please email or call 416 629 6504


More about Vortex Art Camp

We have all new and exciting exercises and projects for the kids and teens! We always customize projects to our campers’ age, abilities and interests. Each week, we will work on different fine-art and art-based crafts ensuring each child will get a FULL understanding of art making as we dive into all kinds of projects with every art supply you can imagine!

Vortex Art Studio is located in the heart of cute Wakefield, Quebec. The large studio can accommodate 30 art makers at a time but we keep our camp groups very small.

Vortex has 2.5 acres of green space to work on. We have a large shaded deck attached to the studio and a sensory garden for landscape drawing and painting.  We are excited to work inside and out during camp week.

Vortex is picky about our supplies. We only use paint, brushes, paper and canvas that we would be proud to personally use ourselves! We also incorporate lots of recycled and natural materials when appropriate.

Each child will work on numerous projects throughout the week that they will bring home. We work on all kinds of different projects during the week such as mobile making with natures materials, mixed media, clay work, paper mashe, drawing, painting, bedroom crafts, jewelry,  and lots of projects requested by the kiddos. We will do landscape drawing and painting in the sensory garden and back yard tranquility space.

We will take brakes for snacks and free form play. And quite time for art book reading from our library and idea development. Exercises are built on the premise that children and teens learn though doing and asking questions. Lets get our hands dirty and make something amazing!