2021 camp schedule

Thank you so much for your interest in summer camp at Vortex Studio! See our Schedule below

Please make sure you have read all pages before booking –

“Summer camp guidelines and information 2021”

“Summer camp health and safety Covid 19 ”

“What to bring to camp and camp rules”

And all of this page before you move forward with booking.

Booking information

This year we will have ONLINE BOOKING ONLY Please do not call or email to book your child’s camp. Booking is only available MARCH 28th 10:00am onward

CLICK HERE TO GO TO ONLINE REGISTRATION- Link will only be active after March 28th at 10:00am

Choosing to run summer camp this year was a big decision for the Vortex family. There were many things we took into consideration because of Covid 19. Such as: safety protocols, staffing, changes to our programming while still trying to keep the ‘Vortex’ feeling. We also have very limited information about what summer 2021 regulations look like and we worry about offering care and then having to cancel. But overall we understand that our community needs us for childcare, entertainment and positive memories! So we are moving forward with Vortex Studio summer camp 2021. As we do not know for certain what the guidelines will look like come summer 2021 (currently there is no information) our registration will be more complex than usual.

As of March 25th 2021 the Quebec Government has not released any information that 2021 summer camp is allowed to run. SO Vortex is modestly following the guidelines from 2020 restrictions BEFORE camp was fully open to regular registration. This means: We will do bookings now based on filling 50% of our Quebec childcare regulations capacity. We also have second registration open.This is so that if we do have to only allow 50% capacity we can do it fairly. Also so we don’t overbook, leading families to believe they have care and then cancelling on them. We hope you understand. PLEASE call us with any questions or to understand anything that is unclear. We know this is a unique time. Stella- 416-629-6504 Please do not email with questions.

As of March 28th at 10:00am we will be rolling out a slow online registration. Only committing to what we assume we can fulfill based on the way the government-stated covid camp bylaws last year. We will be booking half of our capacity in the “First registration group” These spots will be guaranteed assuming the government allows us to run camp at 50% capacity. The “second registration group” This group is booking a spot knowing that there is a risk that the government might not allow full capacity for summer camp. We will email families that have booked as we know more about government standards. When Booking this group you are guaranteeing a spot as long as we are able to run camp at full capacity.

Please note that the refund policy at the bottom of page applies to both groups.

Online booking for “FIRST registration” AND ” SECOND registration” go’s live on this website March 28th at 10:00am on a first come first serve basis. See below to understand what this means.

  • Waiting list: When the groups are sold out please email us if you would like to be added to the waiting list. We might add extra groups if there is demand and if we can accommodate more campers.
    Please title your email “waiting list” artatvortexstudio@gmail.com. If we do add extra groups booking will be done online with a date and time registration opens. Unfortunately we will not be doing it in order of email. We will however email all the waiting list people that we are registering more before we tell the public.
  • First registration will be open with only enough spots to fill half capacity. We will hope and assume the government will definitely allow this. This group is confirmed for camp as long as the government allows at least half capacity. 
  • Second registration Note not all groups will have second registration. This group is booking a spot knowing that there is a risk that the government might not allow full capacity for summer camp. We will email families as we know more about government standards to let you know if this has changed. When Booking you are guaranteeing a spot as long as we are able to run camp at full capacity. Please feel free to phone us with any questions 416 629 6504. 
  • Please read the Refund policy before booking. It is at the end of the page and is something important to consider. 

We will be doing solely online booking this year. That means we will not be taking any bookings through email or phone, it will only be done through the online portal. Please call us prior to booking with any questions as Stella can not make any changes to dates after booking is done online.If you would like to cancel your week ok camp please email us and we will do that for you.

Kinds of camps we will be offering 2021

We are so excited to offer 5 amazing weeks of camp this year. Our epic art camp enters its 4th year AND we are offering a new camp! – Fun camp!

Epic Art Camp – This is our camp we have been running for 4 years now. Campers spend 90% of their time getting creative and messy! We make new and exciting art and craft projects all day. Trying everything from drawing and painting, to clay, 3D crafts, nature crafts, collage, spray paint, beading, sewing, messy day, and SOO much more! This camp is for your art loving kid, They get to try so many projects and work at their own pace and difficulty. We spend our full day making, usually only stopping to eat, lounge in hammocks under the tree, and clean up. Please note this camp does not include much play or non art games or include lots of physical activity. We have tried but all our students want to do is make art! This is important to note when booking so that you find a good fit for your child. It is also an amazing time for your child to meet like minded new creative friends! When looking at our schedule the Epic Art-based camp will be the groups with the leaders – Zebra or Leopard

Fun time camp! THIS IS NOT ART CAMP, This is a camp Stella has been planning for some time. Every year we have dreams of running it but could not swing it. This is the year! Fun time camp is a unique silly camp that embodies creative outside play, nature exploring, getting messy, wild and weird! Campers will play games, tell stories, and more. They’ll do arts and craft too, but it won’t be as rigidly project based and only about 30% of the time, with more emphasis on physicality and spontaneity, while still embodying the visual Vortex landscape. When looking at our schedule the Fun Time Camp will be the groups with the leader – Unicorn

Specialty camp by leaders in their field- Note These are independent contractors and you will need to book camp though them not though Vortex Please see more info in camp description below. -July 26-30th Yoga Glow, Girls Empowerment week with Lori Morrison age 9+ $357 -August 2nd-6th – Manual Photography and photo based art with David Irvine age 10-14- $350 May 5th and after $385 LINK TO BOOK- https://www.davidirvinephotographer.com/photocampregistration

2021 Vortex Studio Camp

Location:Vortex Studio – 903 River Side Drive – In backyard, in wedding tents

Time– 9:00am-3:00pm 

Before and after care: available for a fee – Start time 7:30am – 5:30pm (see info below)

Cost- $350 per child- Plus online booking service fee $7. Art supplies included – Note we do not issue R24 forms we are not a full time daycare

Discount: Unfortunately N/A for 2021

Number of Groups on grounds: 1-5 per week.

Camp age– Depends on the week and the group- See more info below

Child to counselor ratio– Single camp group size will depend on age groups. 

-We will be respecting the government’s guidelines but groups could potentially be as large as: 

Age 5 & 6 – 10 children

Age 7+ – 12 children

Age 9+ 15 children

– We encourage siblings to be in the same group. We have indicated the weeks that they can be broken up into different groups. These weeks are possible because the counselors live in the same household. NOTE if we do have a covid case in one group it will affect the other group being shut down as well. Note you can only separate siblings if the week indicates you can. If you do not follow this guideline you risk losing your spot at camp without refund. 

Contact info– Stella Pagani


416 629 6504 


Camp Schedule 2021

Week 1 July 5th-9th

July 5th-9th – Murals, Public art with Zebra age 9+ Siblings must be together

July 5th-9th Murals, Public art with leopard age 7+ Siblings must be together

Please note: Murals and public art camp tends to have less take home projects as campers disperse them throughout the studio and Wakefield. We will be working on larger collaborative projects. That encourage unexpected public engagement such as chalk murals on the bike path, Graffiti inspired walls outside Vortex or on the wall of a community business, or a flower land art piece in the backyard of Vortex. And much more.

July 5th-9th Fun time camp with Unicorn 5 +. Siblings must be together  

Campers will get to play, make, and explore. See more details above in fun time camp description

Week 2 July 12-16th

July 12th-16th  – Nature inspired art with Zebra age 7-12 siblings must be together

July 12th-16th – Animals and nature inspired art with Leopard age 6-8 siblings can be separated into Unicorn’s group

This week campers make all kinds of art inspired by and with natures materials as well as arts and crafts materials. Students might have less take-homes, as some projects might be land art or live in the vortex woods.

July 12th-16th  Fun time camp with Unicorn 5+ – siblings can be separated into Leopard’s group

Campers will get to play, make, and explore. See more details above in fun time camp description

Week 3 July 19-23

July 19th-23rd Fairytales and all of their silly creatures – Art and storytelling camp with Zebra  5-8 Siblings must be in the same group

This week will be a lot like epic art camp week but with the theme of magical mythical ideas. We will make story and characters and art that is made to play with later. Students are encouraged to share the ideas and stories of the projects with friends during the sharing circle if they want to, and we will have a dress up day! To attend your child MUST be able to use a hot glue gun alone as all of the projects will require it.

July 19th-23rd All of the art camp with Leopard  7+ siblings can be separated into Unicorn’s group

Vortex Studios most well known camp! All of the art sees campers try all kinds of supplies from paint-3d sculptures see more info above in epic art camp block.

July 19th-23rd Crafts and play with Unicorn age 5 & 6 siblings can be separated into Leopard’s group

This week is for our younger campers that love making but also really need to move! 40% art, 40%play and 20% surprise..

Week 4 July 26-30

July 19th-23rd Tweens and teens intermediate and advanced art week with Zebra age 9-14 siblings must be together

Intermediate and advanced art week is for the tween/teen that is really ready to slow down and advance their skills. We will work on less projects this week, we slow down and focus on detailed ones that challenge what they already know and build skills in new mediums. We will do plain air (landscape) in the back woods of vortex, painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, ink work, soft crafts with wool and much much more. Note all projects are open to be made as hard or simple as the creator likes.We welcome all levels of creators that are willing to push their creative boundaries. Lots of artistic support and tips will be offered by Stella.

July 26th-30th *Fun camp, crafts and storytelling with unicorn 5+ siblings can be split in to Lori Morrisons group

Let’s get silly. Unicorn is SOOO silly and is great at putting on plays, doing crafts and telling stories! Campers spend a lot of time exploring and playing but they also have time to do skits, make crafts play games and much more! This week kids will have lots to talk about!

July 26-30th Yoga Glow, Girls Empowerment week with Lori Morrison age 9+ $357 Siblings can be split into Unicorns group

  • The Glow program (Girls Leading Others Wisely) strives to provide girls aged 9-14 with the self-confidence and skills necessary to become effective and influential leaders. This week of camp will lead girls to an awareness of their strengths and provides them with the tools to cultivate integrity, self-worth, honesty, pride and responsibility. We will explore these concepts with movement, Yoga, art, music, nature and more!
  • Lori will start the day with a yoga and movement class, followed by an art project, we will go for a nature walk before lunch. After lunch will be some down time, listening to music, exploring the Glow topic of the day. The afternoon will be finishing up the mornings project and closing with a yoga practice!
  • NOTE- Lori is an independent contractor to Vortex you will have to book and pay by going to her link ___ Vortex will not be booking this camp.

Week 5 August 2nd-6th

August 2nd-6th All of the Art with Zebra 7+ siblings must be in the same group

Vortex Studios most well known camp! All of the art sees campers try all kinds of supplies from paint-3d sculptures see more info above.

August 2nd-6th Nature exploring with Unicorn age 5,6,7 siblings must be in the same group

Unicorn is a nature nut that loves to get messy. He has some messy games ready for you. We hope you love mud! Also tons of other exciting outdoor exploring things are planned!

August 2nd-6th – Manual Photography and photo based art with David Irvine age 10-14- siblings must be in the same group

David Irvine is one of Wakefield’s most well known photographers, He will be teaching youth all they need to know about manual photography and photo based arts! This exciting week will open minds and hearts as youth jump into the technically challenging world of photo. Read more on his website – https://www.davidirvinephotographer.com/photocampregistration

PLEASE NOTE- All students will need to have access to a digital camera with the manual setting this week. David will supply the film cameras for use if you do not have one.

NOTE- David is an independent contractor to Vortex you will have to book and pay going to his website Click HERE https://www.davidirvinephotographer.com/photocampregistration

New Vortex Camp 2021 IMPORTANT information

Please feel free to call us with any questions we are happy to CLARIFy! Stella – 416 629 6504 Please do not email questions.

When booking camp we will require that you fill out:

  1. An child emergency contact form
  2.  A form that says you agree to the new guidelines below. 
  3. A before and after care form – will note if you need it or will not need care for the week of camp.
  4. Potentially a child pod form (TBD)
  5. Child pick up form if relevant

At drop off on the first day of camp we require signatures from a parent or guardian for the following

Please see Registration information page.

Single Camp group sizes will depend on age groups. 

  • We will be respecting the government’s guidelines but groups could potentially be as large as: 

Age 5 & 6 – 10 children

Age 7+ 12 children

Age 9+ 15 children

All Covid government guidelines will be followed pertaining to pods, distancing and masks. 

Camp will be fully outside and open air

In wedding tents outside with sides up. The washroom is indoors.

Children will potentially be in group pods

  • TBD – we do not know what the government restrictions will be. We will follow them and always keep everyone’s safety rst.
  • The groups will be contained within their tent group.
  • Staff and jr councillors will only interact with the other separate group if in PPE.
  •  Children might share a table
  • Children might be in a large or mid size pod.
  • There might be sharing of some art supplies and game materials. Such as spray paint or house paint.
  •  We will be sanitizing and hand washing consistently throughout the day.
  •  Campers will have designated art bins per person

● We will always be following Quebec Government Covid-19 guidelines and we will adapt and change as they change.

Mask guidelines

will comply with government mandate (still unknown for summer). We understand the summer is REALLY hot some days 31+ with a real risk of heat stroke. So as we are in open air last year, masks were worn when using the washroom and when playing closer contact games. This might be the same this year but we will ALWAYS follow the government’s guidelines. As of now we are still unknown of mask rules for camp. Of course if your family would prefer your child to always wear a mask that is absolutely always respected. We will keep you up to date on the guideline. When booking please consider that we are outside and the heat and humidity can be extreme. 

We definitely be requiring masks for pick up and drop off.

This year camp will only be available for full time locals

Chelsea, Wakefield, Masham, Alcove, Edelweiss, La Pêche area with permanent residence. This was an extremely hard decision to make as we love our loyal visiting campers however due to limited inter-regional travel and the lack of local childcare this summer and our limited spots we felt that as of now booking will only be offered to area locals. We hope you all understand.

Siblings – This is unique. Please see the schedule.

  •  Ideally siblings MUST be in the same group however there are 2 weeks that they can be in different groups. One sibling with Christi, One sibling with Sam, as Christi and Sam live in the same house. 
  • This is because if we have a group shut down because of a Covid case we don’t want to impact 2 groups. We understand that this is not the case at school, however, this is how it will be at Vortex. If you book two same household children in different groups other than the two designated weeks, you will be subject to losing your spot without refund.

We strongly discourage families to book two weeks in a row of camp

If you are in a group that is shut down because of a covid case we require the child that was in that group to isolate for 14 days without refund. They will not be permitted to come back to camp within that time frame even with a negative covid test.

All booking will be online this year

  • Because of this, refunds will also be online. Stella is unable to change a date of camp in office you will have to do it by the available online refund yourself and then book the new date online.
  • Before and After Camp Child Care.
  • Before and after Camp Child Care will be available but MUST be booked ahead of time. There will absolutely be no staff present to watch a child unless booked ahead of time unless it is an emergency. 
  • Before and After care is $15/hour PER Child and must be booked TWO WEEKS before their care date. You must pay for the full hour regardless if you pick up halfway through. 
  • Before Care is available starting at 7:30am
  • After Care is available until 5:30 pm
  • -> If booking Emergency Care (same week) of camp it’s $20/hour per child (we cannot guarantee this will be available as groups cannot be mixed because of covid regulations and staffing is extremely limited and is not guaranteed). 
  • If childcare is needed same day without notice it is $25 an hour. We will consider this emergency care.

Age groups.

  • This year because of Covid 19 our age groups are very structured and non negotiable we are extremely sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. It is not ideal for vortex either. 
  • Vortex Studios camp requires campers to be at least the minimum age required on the schedule the first day of camp. 
  • All campers MUST be able to use a glue gun alone, tie a knot, and be able and willing to work on art projects for at least 90 minutes.  
  • The minimum age for a camper at vortex studio is 5 years old for insurance.
  •  Please see the schedule for weekly group minimum.

We must have your “Registration form” and “Guidlines form” to hold a spot

  • within 48 hours of booking. Can be done digitally when you book camp.
  •  This form must be filled out with all your child’s information so we can review it and file it before camp starts. 
  • We also require that you have read, understand and agree to follow all of Vortex Studios covid 19 guidelines. sign form
  • We will also have a covid checklist that must be signed off in the morning at drop off.
  • We might require “child pick up form for friend/family” “pod form” “before after care form” these will be sent via email later

Covid-19 items of note: – Must read

You must NOT have traveled outside of your area/region on a trip within 2 weeks of attending camp (Ottawa core exempt for work purposes).

  • For example – gone on a group camping trip to the Saguenay or a day shopping trip to Montreal. If you do you MUST show that the entire household has tested negative for covid 3 days prior to attending camp.
  • If you do not comply we retain the right to cancel your child’s camp without warning with no refund. 
  • You or anyone you have been in close contact with has not been in an airport or done any international travel within 15 days.
  • A personal household trip to your cottage is exempt. 
  • A personal camping trip to a camp site is not because of the use of shared public washrooms with out of reign tourists.
  • We are so sorry to add this clause we know its not ideal but for us its very important to us to limit our covid risk for all our campers and staff. We are dealing with so many families that need camp and childcare to continue working we are trying to limit shut downs as mush a we possibly can!
  • If anyone in your household is awaiting the results of a covid test your child attending camp must also be tested.
  • Your child must stay home from camp until you receive a negative test result. Unfortunately in this case we can offer you the camp art kit for missed days however we can not offer a refund or credit.
  • Covid – In the case of 1 positive covid result in a group the entire group must be tested and remain home for the rest of the week.
  • Please note if you are booking a week of camp where it says siblings can be separated into another group that group would also be sent home.
  • In this case unfortunately we will not be refunding camp however we will be giving a recorded video step by step project for each day the child is away as well as a pre-made camp kit pack for each day the child is away.  
  • Cancellations and refunds related to covid Please see section below. 
  • First day of drop off we will require a parent or guardian to sign off on:
  • PLEASE ALLOW TIME TO FILL THIS OUT. We will be ready to receive family at 8:45 the first morning.
  •  A form that says they understand and agree to all of the below statements and have read the updated 2021 Vortex registration information:
  • We agree and understand to be true- that no one in our household is showing any Covid 19 symptoms or has been in contact with anyone that has Covid 19 or is showing symptoms. 
  • That no one in the household or that we have knowingly been in contact with is awaiting Covid 19 test results.
  • That no one in our household has traveled outside of region on a group trip within the last 14 days before camp.(Ottawa city limits exempt for work purposes.)
  • That before and after care is not needed. Or if so its already been set up.
  • That we are able to have close contact with your child in the case of an emergency
  • That we will monitor childs temperature if needed and symptoms thought the week and the child will be sent home if any Covid symptoms arise. (we understand the heat will effect temperature). (Our thermometer is contactless)
  • In the case of vary extreme wind, rain or storm we might have to contact family to pick up children early as we are outside in tents, This will only happen if there is an extra weather warning.


Government issued COVID closure refund policy (relevant March 20- September 1st 2021)

  •  In the case that the government does not allow any camp at all due to regional shut downs we will refund 85% of payment until May 5th. 
  • After May 5th we are in full planning and ordering mode and will only be able to offer 65% refund, even if there are any government issued closures or capacity restrictions. 
  • If there is still no information from the Quebec Government regarding camp regulations by June 5th we will be canceling our entire summer. 
  • After June 5th we can only refund 50% upon a government closure. 
  • Please note in the case of a government shut down we are unable to supply the camp art kit that is only for: positive covid cases, a child awaiting results, or a covid case in the child’s group causing shut down.

We are sorry we are not able to offer a refund or credit towards another year. We understand this policy is not ideal, however because of our unique program there are extremely high expenses and supply costs, staff prep work and covid expenses that go into running camp and if we don’t implement this policy we would not run camp at all this year. We hope that you understand. 

If no government-mandated Covid shutdowns or restrictions occur. The following refund policy will apply starting June 10th 2021 and apply as long as there is no Covid related shutdowns

Refund policy unrelated to Covid government shut downs                  

  • Cancellations: We will be offering 80% refunds minus the booking fee up to 4 weeks before summer camp. 
  • 3 weeks before camp we can offer a 50% refund. Any time after 14 days before camp unfortunately we can not offer a refund of any kind.
  • In the case of someone in your household getting covid 19 Or needing to be tested for Covid 19 and missing camp we offer the “camp art kit for each day missed”. We will require an emailed documentation of the positive result or documentation of the test taken. No refund or credits will be offered.
  • In the case someone in your child’s camp group gets covid 19 and we have to cancel camp we offer the camp art kit for each day missed. No refund or credit will be offered.
  • We are sorry we are not able to offer a refund or credit towards another year. We understand this policy is not ideal, however because of our unique program there are extremely high expenses and supply costs, staff prep work and covid expenses that go into running camp and if we don’t implement this policy we would not run camp at all this year. We hope that you understand. 

Please call us with any questions at all prior to booking. Please refrain from emailing questions. Stella- 416 629 6504

Photos from Epic art camp 2020-

Please note children in 2020 were not regulated to ware masks outside. All children in close contact are either siblings or in a registered pod as social distancing was mandatory for camp last year.