Spring 2018 Pre-Registered Art Classes



Vortex Studio is excited to offer Pre-Registered Art classes to Adults and Children!

All Pre Registered Classes Come with All supplies included you just need a smile and a sketch book!
Space is extremely limited. We must receive payment to hold a space.
To sign up please email artatvortexstudio@gmail.com or call 416 629 6504
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Late Spring Pre – Registered Evening & Weekend Art classes. For Adults, Teens, Youth & Children 

vortex studio is a conveniently located 3-minute walk from the Wakefield school
Art is an amazing outlet for children to express themselves non-verbally. It increases critical problem-solving skills and dexterity. Our classes and workshops positively encourage children and teens to learn many different kinds of fine art. As they become more familiar, they’ll increase their ability to critically think and convey their ideas and feelings through art.
At Vortex Studio we take care of all the materials and clean-up: Don’t stress the mess!

Concept Based Mixed Media 
5 weeks May 14th – June 11th 
Age 8-11
$145 all Supplies included must bring a sketch book
The class will be a mixed media class. Each child will gear there projects towards a larger idea project that they will have to problem solve and develop ideas as to what they would like to make while learning hands on tecniques of art making. They will hopefully feed off each others energy and see lots of different kinds of art making because everyones projects will be different and unique! We will have time for group sharing if they feel inclined.   
Examples of Themes or projects could be..
– A comic book 
– A new theme and items for there bed room 
– Handmade gifts for family 
– Illustrated story book
– Conceptual series of paintings 
-Garden art
Adult Mixed Media 
5 weeks May 14th – June 11th 
Age 16+
$155 all supplies included 
Learn the true meaning of mixed media, Combine photo, paint, collage, printmaking, and much much more. Come be apart of a positive encouraging group that loves to share ideas! 

Creative Crafts
5 weeks May 15-June 12th
Age 5-8
$140 all supplies included 
Lets get our hands dirty and make some fun crafts! Clay, paint, pom poms, wool, and everything else fun. We will make plush animal toys, garden decorations and lots of other cool crafts. Crafts can easily be simplified or made more challenging based on age and ability. 

Quiet wind down Art Making 
5 weeks May 16th – June 13th
Age 7-12 
 $140 with all supplies included. 
This class is for our quiet mellow art makers. Using art as a therapudic reengineer mid week.
 We will focus on different kinds of art making I would specify but I would like to talk to the kids about what it is that they would like to get out of the corse as a lot of them have taken classes with me already. So I would like to do longer self directed projects and new shorter skill builders such as landscape drawing outside and life drawing.

Fridays & Saterday Evenings 

Drop in workshops with live music! Upcoming 2018 Drop In Art Workshops!

Morning Painting and Drawing outside
5 weeks May 19th – June 16th 
All ages 
$150 All Supplies included  
Lets get outside and paint and draw! Landscape, Still life, Abstract we will address it all in the fresh air! on the deck, sensory garden and backyard. We will experiment in the fresh air with pencil, charcoal, pastels, watercolour and acrylic, Palit knife and brushes.  
Cool Bedroom Crafts 
5 weeks May 19th – June 16th
 All ages
5+ project geared to age 
$145 All supplies included 
-In this fun and dynamic art based Craft Class kids work towards making 3D art pieces that they can easily display in there bedrooms at home or gift to friends. We will be making projects that will get there hands dirty and there minds working overtime! Though these  excursuses kids will learn to make something fun, useful and easy to display from scratch. They will make sketches and patterns before construction of the crafts helping them to learn forward thinking and problem solving skills and they alter the plans as they go encouraging spontaneity and adaptability within the creative process
Hope To see you there,
Have an amazing Friday! 
Vortex Studio and the gang.
416 629 6504

Vortex is excited to be offering afew weeks of Summer Art Camp! Click Here for more info!



-We believe that art-making knows no limitations! Everyone is welcome and we’ll work to build a customized lesson plan based on your interest.
-Private Classes currently offered run between 1.5-3 hours and are weekly or bi-weekly depending on your availability. Please see classes currently offered below:
-Don’t see what you’re looking for? Let us know and maybe we can customize it for you!

For more info and other art workshops please go to http://www.vortexstudio.ca/
Space is limited to eight spots per class Must receive payment to hold a space.
To sign up please email artatvortexstudio@gmail.com
416 629 6504
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Stella Pagani has a Bachelors of Fine Art with a double major in Painting and Photography from OCAD University. She is an active artist and teacher and has shown extensively throughout her career.

Side note- Please be mindful we are using acrylic paint and although each guest is given an apron we do suggest you wear something you wouldn’t mind getting a little messy

Space is limited! To sign up please email artatvortexstudio@gmail.com or call us at       416 629 6504